Thursday, March 28, 2013

allergic to dairy?

I think Emerson is allergic to milk. I'm not 100% sure if he is or not, we're still testing it out, but so far it is kind of seeming like he has a milk allergy. Why do I think he is allergic to milk you ask. Well, I will tell you...

On Saturday afternoon the hubs and I went to dinner at the Cheesecake factory [yum!!]. It was hubs' birthday weekend and his parents gave us a gift card and then took Emerson for a stroll around the mall while we ate. Super sweet. First date we have had [just the two of us] since Emerson's birth.  Anyhow... we got some cheesecake [how can you not when you are eating at the Cheesecake Factory?] and it was delicious.

How does this affect Emerson you ask? Well, when I was nursing Emerson after we ate our yummy lunch/dinner he cried and screamed. A lot. We had gotten pretty good at nursing, occasionally he would cry for what I thought was no reason and "fight it": scream, flail his arms, scratch my chest, cry, and not really be consoled. I knew he was hungry, he just wasn't eating like he should. But this time was especially terrible. He ate a little bit, probably just enough to satisfy his little belly, and that was it. The next few times he nursed were equally bad. I found myself praying that he would not scream and cry and just eat. I knew he had to be hungry. Poor little guy. It was really painful for both of us. 
Fresh dairy products on an old kitchen board.     Do you think that the fat in Dairy products are bad for you? You’ve been told that dairy fat from butter and cream CLOGS your arteries… WRONG! Dairy Fat Found to PREVENT Artery Clogging (study results) ...
[oh, dairy foods, how I love you.... I miss you so...]
After that night I started keeping track of what I ate and how he ate. It seemed like if I ate something with dairy in it he hard a harder time when nursing. I did a lot of reading and tried to figure out why he would sometimes scream an cry while eating and sometimes not. One thing I read talked about milk allergies in babies. He had a few of the "symptoms" so I decided to cut dairy out of my diet to see if it would help/make a difference. So far it seems to be helping. A lot.
The trial period [the amount of time it takes to completely clear my system of dairy] is about three weeks. So for the next three weeks I'm giving up dairy and any food with dairy in it to see if it helps. It would be nice if it did because I would like to know and be able to fix the nursing problem if possible. The down side? Pretty much everything I eat has dairy in it, whether it's yogurt, cheese, bread, cookies, crackers... you would really be surprised how many food products contain dairy. I'm having to get creative with what I eat [read: I have to eat healthy foods].

We'll see what the outcome of the trial run is in three weeks!



The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Eek I would be devastated to give up dairy. Newest follower!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, no fun! My baby has a milk allergy too, so I've cut out dairy - it is in so much! She has a problem with peanuts too. With her, I didn't notice her mood change so much as just her diapers - they turned green and had a little blood in them, and it scared me! Hope cutting out dairy helps your little guy!