Friday, March 22, 2013

birthday fun

Today is Landon's birthday and in honor of his special day I fixed a real dinner and made a carrot cake. It may have taken three hours longer than it would have before Emerson was born, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I was so excited when the hubs said he wanted a carrot cake for his birthday because I haven't made one in a long time and really haven't baked much at all since well, since before Christmas really. So it was a nice little afternoon full of baking. Oh how I love baking. The cake turned out beautifully and it was super tasty. I will try my best to remember to share a picture and the recipe sometime next week. If I forget and you are itching to know the recipe feel free to remind me. I'm extra forgetful these days....

Emerson was such a great little helper too. He kept me company while I worked on the cake. He really couldn't have been any better. He tried following me around the kitchen with his eyes and when I would stop and talk to him he would just smile at me. He has the sweetest little smile. It is fun thinking about when he will be big enough to actually help with the baking. Then his daddy came home from work and they cuddled while I worked on dinner. Chicken Parmesan. Fancy. At least, I felt fancy fixing it.

We may not have gone out and done much or had a big celebration, but it has been a lovely day. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the house cleaned up and enjoy a nice weekend day with my little family.

Have a happy weekend!

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