Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Basket Treats

I have always loved Easter because it is the welcoming of Spring and all things new. It is a day to celebrate my risen Lord and truly be thankful for the sacrifice he made for us. With Easter comes the blossoming of flowers, birds chirping, sunshine, and trees budding and turning green. All of these and so many more reasons truly makes it a day to celebrate. 

This year Easter is extra special though because it is the first Easter Emerson will celebrate. I have gotten a few goodies for Landon in the past for an Easter Basket, but as he is so cheap and doesn't like money to be spent on him it's nearly impossible to do. Thankfully he understands the importance of starting things right with Emerson ... a full fledged, real live, Easter Basket. I had so much fun picking out the goodies for Emerson's basket and his basket. You would think with him only being two months old by the time Easter comes around it wouldn't matter so much what his basket looks like or the treats inside of it. But, as I am such an incedible indecisive person it took me about two hours [no joke] to pick the basket and what would go in it. Pathetic, I know. just has to be perfect! What if Emerson doesn't like it? 

...yeah. so. anyhow. I'm linking up with Darci at The Good Life and Sarah at Our Journey for the Easter basket blog hop and Easter basket showcase and sharing the goodies waiting for Emerson on Easter morning! 

no Easter basket is complete without a bunny. 
[is it horrible to admit that someone gave us the bunny?]

 I am especially excited about the giraffe and the bunny hat.

so excited about the bunny hat in fact, I am going to wash it 
before Easter so he can sport it all day long that Sunday. 
[pretty much all of the treats in here are from Target or they were given to Emerson by some really sweet people.... he's a baby! How will he ever know? The little outfit is cute, but it's a 3 month old size and there is no way Emerson will be big enough to wear that any time soon. I was thinking he could grow into it (and he will) but after looking through his clothes today, he needs some more things that will fit him now, so I might have to go get a newborn size instead. :]
now go link up for some hopping fun!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love your Easter treats.....You have a great blog....came from Meagans Happy Easter

Amy said...

Such a cute little Easter basket for your sweet little boy. :-)

Sara said...

Love the rabbit!

Sarah said...

Hi Hannah! Thanks for linking up to the party! Love that little outfit with the ellie on it. :)

Rachel Easley said...

Cute goodies!! Stopping by from the link up.

[darci @ the good life] said...

ARE YOU KIDDING????? I can't even handle that adorable bunny hat! You have to share a picture of Emerson in that!! Precious!

So glad you linked-up! :)