Thursday, March 21, 2013

Emerson: 2 months


It is crazy to think that it has been two months since you were born. Have you really been in our lives for that long? It seems like I was just pregnant with you. I loved carrying you around in my belly. I loved feeling you kick and squirm. I loved knowing you were perfectly content, happy, warm, cozy, not hungry or wanting for anything. But even more than I loved feeling you in my belly and watching you move from one side to the other, I love seeing you. You bring so much love and joy into our lives and home. You have grown and changed so much from the day you were born, so much from last month.

- today at the doctor you weighed 9 lbs 8 oz and you are 23 1/2 in long! You are a growing boy!

 [you were not too happy about getting your picture taken... 
my timing was probably horrible though, you had just gotten shots at the doctor :( ]

- speaking of growing... you officially out grew your preemie clothes and now fit into most newborn sizes quite nicely. You are getting so big!

 - your neck has gotten so much stronger. You like to hold it up and look around at the world around you. But you can't keep it up for too long so after a few seconds you have a little bobble head... you are determined to get that head up though!
- you are also moving on to size 1 diapers! No more newborn diapers. ...they still fit, but you are growing so much I'm not sure we could use up a whole box before you are too big for them so into size 1 you will go.

- you really seem to enjoy bath time [I hope I'm not jinksing anything by saying that]. You just look at me with your big blue eyes while I give you your bath. It has gotten easier and easier to bathe you too as you are becoming more and more sturdy. I'm sure it will only continue to get better.

- you have only had two [maybe three] blow-out diapers ... funny it only happens when you are wearing your cute little white pajamas. Good thing I have a great stain remover and hands for scrubbing :)

 - you are very expressive! You make the cutest faces. You also make a lot of little noises... little grunts. They are so adorable. Your doctor says you're just trying to talk to us. I think she's right :)

- you have started staying awake for longer amounts of time. Sometimes you stay awake for so long that you get angry and refuse to sleep. In the end, sleep always wins my boy. Stop fighting it, just give in.

- you are so happy in the morning! Every morning we read a Bible story together and you smile the whole time. It makes my heart melt. Smiling is becoming more frequent. You are such a happy little baby.

- the only times you really cry or fuss is when you are hungry [and boy are you hungry!!] and in the evenings. Sadly that is when your daddy comes home and so most of what he sees right now is a fussy little you that will only be calm for your mama.  You really are such a happy baby!

- sometimes you hug my hand. I'm sure it's not on purpose, but I like to think it is. When you want your paci but keep spitting it out I'll pop it back in your mouth and that's when you hug my hand, like you want me to keep it there. And I do. I love your little hugs!

- sometimes you get really angry and your little arms flail in the air, sometimes you get me, but that's ok I know you don't mean to. I feel so sad for you when you are angry like this. I do everything I know and can do to help you. But you don't always calm down right away.

- you also like to sleep with your arms folded on your chest.


- you have gotten much better at nursing [so have I]. We have a little bit of a routine down and it helps the days pass quickly and it helps the nights to be a little more bearable. You eat every three hours from start to start during the day... sometimes a little longer, sometimes its a little bit sooner, but about that. But I try to keep it as close to three hours as possible so you will sleep better [longer] at night.

- bottles and you don't seem to get along. During the spell when we had to supplement with formula it was a disaster and incredibly messy feeding you. About half went into your tummy [maybe half] and the rest on to the burp cloth, your clothes, and my clothes. You don't seem to be a big fan of taking a bottle. oh well...

- you really like to be held on my chest, I like it too, you are a warm little cuddle buddy :)

- sometimes when you are eating you raise your little fist in the air, kinda like superman. It's so cute.

- I feel like you are getting so big and growing so fast, Emerson! I know it is a good thing that you are growing [we want you to be healthy and continue to grow like you are suppose to] but it is a little sad at the same time that you are getting so big [if I think you at 9 pounds is big and makes me a hott mess who  knows what I will be like when you are going off to college... ]. You are one loved little boy. You are prayed over and for every single day. You are a joy to everyone who knows you. I am so glad you are in our lives. Thanks for being the best little baby anyone could ever ask for :)

I love you,
Your Mama 

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