Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays

In trying to seek Christ first and renew my relationship with him I have been reading "One Thousand Gifts" and I am finding that unless I write down what I am thankful for, the gifts or blessings that Christ surrounds me with, reading the book will be fruitless. So I am making a goal for myself and sharing it with you all because accountability always helps me keep on track to share the gifts God has given me each Tuesday. I started my 1000 gift list a year or two ago when I first learned of this book but have lost count and I think I need a fresh start. So here's to counting 1000 gifts...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. a bright red cardinal perched on a snowed laced branch outside my window

2. baby dimples

3. tiny buds on the flowers and trees outside

4. soft white flakes falling gracefully from the sky

5. the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg filling the house

6. cream cheese frosting :)

7. cuddles with my precious baby

8. new followers of my blog

9. a helpful husband

10. five and a half to six hours of baby sleeping at night

11. finding out a dear friend is having a baby

12. baking for the first time in months

13. naps in the sunshine

14. Palm Sunday

15. family visiting

16. a date with the hubs

17. a tidy house

18. a gracious God

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope you all have a happy Tuesday! 

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