Friday, April 5, 2013

Registering for Baby: Newborn Must haves

I have been wanting to write a post about things I have found helpful to me as a new mama so naturally I was excited when I saw that Kaitlyn was starting a little link up series having to do with all things baby. What perfect timing!

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It can be such an exciting time. I know I was really excited when it was finally time for us to register for our Gooseberry. It made things more real. More believable that my belly wasn't just getting bigger and nothing would ever come [out] of it. Registering helped me prepare for our Gooseberry. However registering may also seem like a daunting task, especially once you walk through the doors of the big baby store or even walk through the baby section of any store. There are so many things! How could one tiny little baby need so much stuff?! Does one tiny little baby need all that stuff? What does one tiny little baby really need? What do you need as a new mama? 

These are the things that I could not live without as a new mama and that I suggest to all of my pregger friends [another sweet friend just spilled the beans! they are having their peanut in November!] apart from the standard: diapers, wipes, soap, lotion... Anyhow, I ramble...

the itzbeen timer.

I use this little guy every day and night, all day and all night. It is wonderful for helping me keep track of when Emerson ate, how long he has been sleeping, what side I fed him on, how long I have until he should eat again. It was also especially wonderful for helping me keep track of when I could take my pain meds after getting home from the hospital. I had a few different drugs to take and for some reason couldn't tell time for about two weeks after Emerson was born [true story. Landon gives me a hard time about it, also I'm not sure he has ever laughed so hard at me/been extremely concerned for my mental health before. The itzbeen was perfect for keeping track of all of those good things! I highly recommend it. There might be apps like this if you have a fancy smart phone or something, but that is not a luxury I have...

This blanket is a-mazing. For real. Get one now. You can thank me later :) It is so nice because it traps the sweet little baby's arms so they can't wave them around, hit themselves in their face, and wake themselves up from said hitting. We were fine using the regular receiving blankets at night but then Emerson discovered his arms... and try as I might [tuck his hand under his butt, in his britches under his butt, make the swaddle supper tight like the nurses did] nothing worked because Emerson figured out he had arms and hands. Even with this gem I would sometimes wake up to find his little hand[s] under his chin [my little Houdini] But this helped him sleep when he would have otherwise hit himself and woken up. 

Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper  
Emerson had been sleeping in a Moses Basket [and still does for naps occasionally] but he never slept really great. Landon's mom brought us this little sleeper and Emerson has been sleeping better than before. It's nice too because in the middle of the night I can just reach my hand out from under the covers and rock it gently to try and get Emerson to go back to sleep. I would say it is worth it for sure. It also travels well, always a plus. 

Carter's Wrap-Me-Up 4-pk. Safari Receiving Blankets
I still swaddle Emerson with blankets, these guys have been my favorite. Maybe when he gets bigger I'll start using some of the bigger blankets I have, but for now, these are perfect. Plus they are stinkin' adorable!

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin - 40g
Your lady friends [boobies] will thank you for using this while you nurse. Trust me, just get some [if you are nursing] and start using it from day one.  Make sure to use nursing pads too, you don't want to have to change your shirt or bra or anything like that.

Graco Alano Classic Connect ™ Travel System - Scribbles  
We could not survive without this. Literally. It's illegal to drive without a securely installed car seat. But seriously, it's wonderful to have a travel system. It makes going any where so much easier. The car seat locks in place in the stroller. It's perfect for traveling. Thus the name I am sure :)   

Anyhow. Those are a few items that I depend on on a daily basis. I'm sure other things will become equally important as we go through the rest of the year, but for the first two months these are my must haves. Good luck and have fun registering! If you have any questions I would be more than happy to give my two cents :) 

Happy weekend! 

- Hannah


Susannah said...

What wonderful tips! The hubby and I are hoping to get preggers later this year so I'm collecting as many tips as I can. :-)

kiana joon said...

love your blog

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

The itzbeen will def be on my list for babe #2!