Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thankful Tuesday [on Wednesday :]

53. letters in the mail

54. brinner [breakfast for dinner :]

55. surprise dinner from friends [so nice to not have to worry about fixing dinner!]

56. lunch out with friends and yummy food

57. walking in the sunny, cool, and breezy evening with my little man

58. cleaning and making rooms in the house look pretty again

59. freshly cleaned and toasty warm towel hugging me after a nice shower

60. holding hands with my hunny

61. 7-8 1/2 consecutive hours of sleep! [keep it up Emerson :]

62. toots and poopy diapers [after none for a week it's kind of nice...] from baby boy

63. dimples and smiles and giggles

64. planning trips with my hunny

65. kind of knowing what is in our foreseeable future

66. encouraging words from you all and your friendship, it means more than you can ever know :]

67. checking things off my to do list


That's all for today. I hope you all have a very sweet evening.

p.s. do any of you know how to make your own signature for the blog? I would love to have one, I have seen so many of you with cute ones. Just wondering :]  

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