Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays

19. cuddling in the sunshine with my baby

20. fresh bright red tulips

21. family

22. fresh and clean baby smell

23. leftovers for dinner

24. strolling in the sunshine

25. a tickling breeze

26. peace in a time of change and uncertainty

27. balloons dancing in the air

28. bright blue eyes full of wonder

29. red and pink buds decorating tree branches

30. letters in the mail

31. rocking a crying infant

32. planning trips to the beach 


Susannah said...

This is wonderful! :-)

Susannah said...

PS. I'm going to be doing a tutorial on making a blog button in a week or so because of your comment on my blog. Make sure you're following so you can make your own. (It's SUPER easy!)