Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Story of Us: Part 1

I have been thinking about [and wanting to] writing the story of how my hubs and I met. I finally decided to just go ahead and write it, so I am. I am planning on working on this story little by little over the next few weeks and sharing on Thursdays. So get excited... here is our story :) 

part 1: it started with a phone call

It all started about two weeks before Thanksgiving of my Junior year of college. I was going to school in Idaho and was far away from family. I had a full class load and worked several jobs. I stayed pretty busy between my classes and jobs, but of course I enjoyed hanging out with friends when I had some spare time. 

One afternoon I was studying in my room and the phone rang, of course I answered it and soon found myself talking to the wife of a pastor at a nearby church. She introduced herself, told me she heard I was a missionary's kid, and asked if this was true. Indeed it was true. Then she asked what I was doing for Thanksgiving, it would be terrible if I had to spend the holiday alone with no family or friends. For Thanksgiving I was going to spend the day at a friends house, his father had pastored a neighboring church when we were little, so we went back pretty far (ooo... you might be thinking, how romantic, they were childhood friends... and while that would be romantic I'll go ahead and tell you, Hubs is not this friend). His family was sweet, loving, and welcoming, and I was going to enjoy spending Thanksgiving with them. 

After the Pastor's Wife heard this she moved on to her next question, what was I going to do for Christmas? My response, stay on campus and work, a lot. She was appalled at my response and sweetly said, "But, you're not going to spend it with family?" No, I was not. I was a poor (as in I maybe had $40 to my name at that moment) college student and buying a plane ticket to go visit family for Christmas was out of the question. The Pastor's Wife asked if I would like to spend Christmas with my family and then told me to look around for ticket prices. If I were to visit family, how much would it cost? She wanted me to email her the cost of the tickets within a week or two because she thought it was a terrible thing that I would spend Christmas by myself. I looked at ticket prices over the next few days and found a good deal, trying to not get too excited about the possibility of seeing family over Christmas break. 

Before I was able to email her ticket prices, she called me up a few days later and asked if I would be able to meet her and her husband. They were coming to campus and she had something for me. Well, of course I wasn't going to not see her ... especially since she had something for me (I mean really, who has ever refused going to get a gift from someone?). I met her and her husband the following Saturday in the Church parking lot. She handed me an envelope and said, "Our church got together with a few others and we wanted to bring you this. You go spend Christmas with your family. It's not good for you to be alone during the holidays." Then she held out her hand again and said, "I know food is over priced at the airport, make sure to eat something on your trip. Get a book to read or a magazine too, I know I always like to have something to read when I travel." I thanked her profusely, we hugged, and parted ways. 

As I walked back to my dorm room I looked down in my hand at her second gift to me, $30 for food and something fun to read. I smiled and continued walking. The wind was nipping at my nose and my mittened hands tightly held the envelope I had just been given. I opened it and pulled out a check. Stopping momentarily to make sure I was seeing things right I looked at the amount the check was made out for. The check was exactly enough to cover the cost of the flight plus $10 extra dollars. It seemed as though God had made a way for me to visit my sister over Christmas break. 


Susannah said...

Wow! How wonderful of this Pastor's wife!! I'm so excited to read more. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

What an amazing gift, and so sweet of her! I can't wait to read where this is going. :-)