Thursday, May 2, 2013

a little baby shower

A few weeks ago ago I hosted a little baby shower for one of my sweet friends who is expecting in a few short weeks. I was so excited to have a shower for her and celebrate her little pumpkin. It was also a really good excuse for me to get my booty in gear and get this house cleaned up for the first time since Emerson was born. I enjoyed planning the menu, fixing the food, but mostly showering my friend with fun baby goodness. It was a simple affair, but lovely and perfect for the mama to be. 

 me with the mama to be and the co-host. 

 decorating some bibs for her baby boy

 lovin' on Emerson :)

 the diaper cake. I forgot to take a picture of it on the table when it was all set. woops.

 my little gooseberry :) 

the completed bibs. Which one do you think won the prize? 
Did you say the one with the piggy? Oh, you would be right! 
... it also happened to be the one I decorated. 
I have mad skills when it comes to drawing a pig. 
 the girls in my small group minus a few

 the only picture I have of the completed table. 

I would have had more pictures of the pretty table, but three of the guests arrived 30-40 minutes early to the shower. Is that even allowed? Is that rude? I was not ready for them to come knocking at my door 40 minutes before they were supposed to be there. I was so proud of myself too for planning ahead and allowing enough time for everything to get done right before 11 (when the shower started). However because of the early arrival of the guests (not even people I knew) I felt like I was not prepared at all and like I was running behind on everything. When in reality, everything was done by 10:55. But because people were there I forgot all about taking pictures of the finished product. It would be safe to say I was just a wee bit frazzled by their early arrival. I was still in my pjs when one of the ladies showed up! Thank goodness for a sweet hubby who talked to the guest while I ran upstairs to throw some clothes on. ai. ai.

Anyhow, after being frazzled the shower turned out quite well. The mama to be said she thought it was perfect and she loved everything about it. That makes it all worth it to me :) 

It was a brunch shower so we had blueberry muffins, ham and cheese sandwiches (coated in a very yummy special sauce!), fruit salsa and cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, zucchini bread, and juice. Simple but perfect. 


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Susannah said...

Wow, I can't believe people showed up that early!!! That's crazy! I'm glad it was a wonderful time, though. :-)