Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Emerson: 4 months


You are four months old now! My, my, how time flies! :) You have always been a very expressive little fellow, but you are even more expressive now. I love watching your face go from a smile to a pouty lip to a raised eyebrow back to a smile and then hear you giggle. You bring so much joy into my life and your Daddy and I love watching you grow!

You started blowing bubbles this month, and it's one of your favorite things to do.

You LOVE holding on to things. It might be a toy, blanket, ball, your paci (you really like holding this), or my hair (ouch!). You grab for things all the time now and really enjoy holding something.

You have become a lot more interested in your toys this month. You especially like your giraffe, but you quite enjoy your little ball rattle and a few other toys too.

You still are not a fan of tummy time. But you love playing on the ground. You scoot yourself in circles on your blanket and have the biggest smile on your face the whole time.

You gave me the sweetest Mother's Day card (with a little help from Daddy of course :) and I truly enjoyed my mother's day more than I can say. I love being your mommy.

You are "talking" all the time. We have lots of conversations these days. You goo and gaa (you really do gaa) and you look at me intently the whole time. You even more your hands when you talk to me. I love listening to you.

Your neck is getting stronger and stronger! You really like sitting up and are able to so with only a little help.

You still like cuddling, but only if you are sleepy. Otherwise if you are being held you like to see what is going on around you.

you got to visit your Auntie and cousins this month!
you had so much fun with them :)
You love me (it's true). You follow me around with your eyes and head if I am not holding you. Even if someone else has you you are looking for me and then you smile a big smile when you find me. It gives me warm fuzzies :)

You have much better control of your arms and hands and you like to hold my hand as you doze off a lot of the time. But you like to move them all the time if you are awake, which makes it super tricky to trim your little nails.

Your feet fascinate you, you are always kicking the air with them. Your legs are also getting much stronger. You are able to push yourself up and "stand" in my lap and I hold you. You do a really great job of this when you are crying and upset. 

You are still exclusively breastfed. Some days you do great and others not so much. I was hoping that once the thrush cleared up there would be no more crying and screaming while you ate... not so much. Then other days you eat like a champ! And you are eating, because you keep growing!

You are still in size one diapers and newborn and 0-3 months clothes. But you are growing! And getting cuter than ever!

You are giggling more and more and I LOVE it!! I give your belly kisses and you go nuts! It is too adorable! I could listen to your little giggle all the time. 

You love going on walks and looking above you at all the trees and birds and such... and then you doze off for a little snooze.

You are such a sweet little boy and I love you more than you can know. Thanks for letting me be your mama.

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Susannah said...

How precious! He is a doll!!! :-)