Friday, May 31, 2013

home sweet home

Maybe you've noticed the lack of posting around these parts lately? Well, I am happy to say there will be regular posts again starting now! The reason for my lack of posts? We were gone for two weeks. The first week the sweet hubby left me to go work in Alaska (!!!) so I went to a much less exotic and exciting place: Ohio. At least while I was there I got to visit with one of my sisters and her little kiddos. And Emerson was loved on a lot while we were up there (not that he's not loved on a lot at home, it was just other people loving on him). After a week of staying with my sister Emerson and I came home early to surprise Landon. I told him we wouldn't be home until the day after he got back. He was sooo surprised to see us. I love surprising my man.

After being at home for less than one day to do laundry and clean our house, I packed us up for our trip to the beach. Packing was an all day process. It's amazing how much you can (and can't) get done with a baby in the house. Anyhow. I packed us up and off we went on a 10+ hour drive to Florida. I will share more about our trip in the next few days.

Upon coming home from the beach we were both sick. Well, Landon was sick (how do you not get sick all winter and then get sick on the last day of your vacation in hot and sunny Florida?). He decided it would be fun to get me sick (not really, he was praying I wouldn't get sick, especially since I wouldn't be able to take any medicine). Sick I got. Not fun. Then it was time for Emerson's four month wellness check up (four months?! oh, how my little baby is growing!) and instead of giving him the usual two shots he got four shoots. Apparently there is a national shortage of the medicine they normally combine into two shoots and that is why he had to get four. Poor baby. He had a terrible reaction to the shoots and got a fever. All of that while we had to be out of the house on urgent errands. It was awful. I'll explain a little more on that next week too. Now that we are mostly all better, Landon had PRK (like LASIK but a lot worse as far as recovery goes) and is esentially out of commision for the next week.

Ai. Ai. So to help me keep my sanity and get my life back I finally made some time to write. Thank goodness! I will be sharing all about our recent escapades over this next week, so yay for you :) Anyhow. I hope you'll come back, I promise I will.

Here's a little teaser for you. My cute little beach buddy! 
You can just ignore me and focus on him, mmmk? :) 

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Susannah said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. You were missed. :-)