Thursday, May 9, 2013

precious moments

Day 9 of the blogging challenge [that I am not doing too hot with]: one moment from your day.

Spending my days at home with my sweet little gooseberry Emerson is something that I love more than I knew was possible. Every smile and giggle makes my heart overflow. Each cry and pout melts my heart. I love my little man more than I knew was possible.    

I wish I could spend each day cuddling with him. All day long. He fits so perfectly on my chest. I love feeling the rise and fall of his warm little body against mine. He is my little sugar pie, my love muffin, the apple of my eye. 

These moments truly are precious and I will cherish them forever and always.


Helene said...

how sweet to have these special moments with your child!
Helene in Between

Susannah said...

This is so precious!!! I can't wait to have my own little one to love on. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

These pictures are so precious!