Friday, May 10, 2013


Remember when I told you all I thought Emerson was allergic to dairy? And then I had a little update about it few weeks later saying I thought it was all better? Well, I thought I should give another little update. This is what I figured out: Emerson is not allergic to dairy. Which was nice for me since I love cheese and all things dairy but not nice at the same time because nursing him was still a challenge. I noticed that after a month or so of going without dairy he would still cry and scream while he nursed, the no-dairy didn't really seem to be doing much to help him eat better. So I put it back in my diet and figured out that regardless of what I was eating he was still crying and screaming while he nursed. Poor baby. I felt terrible. I tried everything I could or knew to do to help him, but nothing seemed to work.

So one night after an extremely painful week of nursing I searched the internet during one of his nighttime feedings for something to help us. Why was I hurting? Why was he crying when he should be eating? What could I do to fix it? This is what I found: he had thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection that develops in a baby's mouth and can pass back and forth from the baby to the mom if it goes untreated. It looks like little while spots in the baby's mouth, on his tongue, lips, and or checks. After I read about and did some research on thrush and what it is I was sure Emerson had it. I also knew he had had it for a while. I remembered seeing a little bit of white on his tongue for at least a month but thought it must have been milk. Then I remember noticing it on his lips and the inside of his cheeks. Still, I thought it must have been milk that was sticking around, though I was pretty sure it didn't always do that and didn't think it was supposed to. I really thought nothing much about it until I started to hurt more than usual [more on that later when I share our breastfeeding journey].

As soon as the doctor's office opened the next morning I called and gave Emerson's symptoms and they told me they thought it was thrush but to bring him in because he was so young. Thankfully they had an opening that afternoon and I took him in. Sure enough, it was thrush. We got medicine for him that evening and I started him on it the following morning.

Three weeks later and his mouth has cleared up significantly but there are still tiny little white patches on his tongue. He is doing so much better and eating without so much crying and screaming. Thank the Lord! Occasionally he will still cry and scream while eating, but it isn't nearly as often or for as long. It helps too that I know what is causing the crying. Now he will sometimes look up and me and smile the biggest gummy grin I've ever seen, eat for a second, pull off and smile his gummy grin [repeat 5-10 times :]. So much better than the screaming.

I am just so thankful we figured out what the trouble was and that he is feeling and eating better than he ever has.


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Susannah said...

I'm so glad you got that all figured out! I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you to hear your little guy crying so much and not know why!