Thursday, June 6, 2013

a trip to the beach

Two weeks ago we took a lovely little vacation to the beach. We had been planning this trip for a while and it came upon us suddenly. It was such a wonderful trip. The weather was perfect as was the place we stayed. We are thinking about going back next year it was so wonderful! We drove 10+ hours to go to Predido Keys, Florida. We left in the early morning after Emerson's early morning feeding and drove until 7am at which point we stopped for baby E to eat again. The drive wasn't too bad. We just had to stop every three hours for baby E to eat. While I fed him in the car everyone got to go inside and eat a meal of their own (or just walk around if it wasn't time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner). We managed to only stop four times. It could have been three, but we were having some troubles with the little turtle carrier thing on top of the car. So we had to make an extra stop which meant we had to make another extra stop for baby E to eat. But, it worked out well and didn't feel like the 12 or so hours it ended up being. 

We went with Landon's family. It was nice to be able to spend a week with them. I know they Loved seeing baby E as much as they did and they loved the fact that they could cuddle with him inside the room when it was nap time or too hot for him outside or to give me some free time to enjoy being at the beach or pool. I was pretty nervous about having Emerson in the sun too much as he is only four months and I wasn't able to put sunscreen on him (babies aren't supposed to wear sunscreen until they are six months). So he stayed covered up with a light cotton blanket when we took him outside and then stayed in the complete shade of the gazebo. He really wasn't in the direct sunlight very much at all and if he only got in the pool as the sun was setting. Needless to say, he didn't get a sun tan this year, which is exactly what I had hoped for :) 

I'll leave you with some pictures of our trip.

 oh, how I love this little cutie! 

 God has truly blessed us! 

 First time with his toes in the sand. 
He didn't seem to mind it that much. 

 Putting his toes in the ocean for the first time... 

 Waiting for the water to come up... 

 his toes got wet and ... 

 he didn't really like the ocean all that much. Can you tell? 

 all tuckered out after a day at pool/beach/outside.
 I love my boys! 

 the family

 my little beach buddy and poolside pal. 

 going swimming for the first time. He had tested the pool waters before, now to swim with daddy... 

 deciding if he likes it or not... 

 still thinking.... should I cry or giggle? 

 a half smile, I'll do that :) 

 drying off in the setting sun 

taking a snooze 

This boy has captured my heart completely. 


Susannah said...

Your little one is such a cutie! I'm so glad you had a good trip! :-)

Sarah said...

It looks like y'all had a blast!! Beach trips with babies are much different huh??

Jessie said...

What a sweet little beach bum! I love Florida beaches, so warm and the sand so white! (Usually) What a fun vacation!

J and A said...

This looks like so much fun!! :) I have a niece Emerson - love the name!

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous family!! I can't wait for the day when I can talk our daughter to the beach. What a fun trip!!