Thursday, June 13, 2013

baby monitor

Before Emerson was born I was on the lookout for the perfect baby monitor. Naturally I looked at dozens of monitors and was smitten with some of the fancy video monitor ones. I read all about dozens of different makes and models trying to pick the best one for us. In the end I settled on one of the simple ones with just the sound. I got it because it was cheap and it would work just fine. No cameras, no sensory pads, no fancy or difficult to use buttons. Simple. And also very budget friendly. I was satisfied. But then after Emerson was born a friend sent us a very generous gift of money as a baby gift. I was talking to my mother-in-law about the monitor and mentioned a sensory pad monitor I had looked at. This particular monitor detects movement and sound and an alarm goes off if no movement (even as light as breathing) is detected after 20 seconds. It sounded great. As a new mother it was sure to give me peace of mind for the nights Emerson would sleep in his crib. She thought it sounded wonderful too and encouraged me to return the simple monitor I had already and purchase this new fancy one. So I did.

We got it fixed up and installed in the crib, though we have only just started using it really recently. This monitor is nice. And fancy. And it works. The only problem is that it works a little too well (which I am very happy it does!). You see, Emerson likes to move in his sleep. I lay him down in the center of the crib and he almost always immediately rolls over on his side. But, after a few hours of sleeping in the center of the crib he scoots towards the very side of the crib and smashes his little body against the crib slats (poor little guy). He doesn't seem to mind this, and neither do I. However, him scooting to the very edge of the crib makes the alarm go off. Naturally this startles me awake, I run in his room to make sure he is ok, and he is (thank that Lord). But the alarm continues to go off every minute or so. There is no way I am going to move him back to the center of the crib for fear of waking him and I know he is fine. I just don't want the alarm to keep going off...

So I turn the sensory movement part off and use it like a regular old monitor. Like the cheap one I had at first but took back so I could get this fancier one. I feel like I shouldn't turn the sensory part off since I have it, but at the same time, I know he is fine and I don't want to keep hearing the alarm go off. It sort of makes me feel like I should have just stuck with the original monitor I had. Not that this one isn't nice. It is. The fact that it detects movement is very nice, but I feel like it stresses me out a little more than it should.

Oh well. There's nothing I can do about it now. At least I have a monitor and it works. I'll just know that if (when) we have another baby (no time soon!) that I can stick with the simple. Simple is nice, easy, and cheap. I like simple. So I'll stick with what I like and am comfortable with.

What type of baby monitor(s) do you have/use? Do you like it? not like it? If you were to recommend a monitor to a new mama-to-be what type would you suggest? (....I probably should have asked that a few months ago, but eh, now I'm just curious.)


Jillian said...

I debated over getting this same monitor, but heard those same complaints about them so we held off. Still may wish many nights that we have that peace of mind but also could see how false alarms can be even less reassuring! Thanks for sharing some advice!

Lauren said...

we ended up going with a Sony simple audio-only monitor and I'm really glad we did! Especially when Elyse was younger I think the video and/or sensory monitors would have made me a paranoid crazy momma! However, now that she's older I'd kinda like the video just so I could watch what she does before she falls asleep!

Michelle said...

Our Angel Care does the same thing, as Elizabeth also likes to lay snuggled up in the corners of her crib. We fixed the constant alarm in two ways. First, I turned the sensitivity knob up a little bit. Then I took a huge piece of particle board and out it on top of the crib skirt but under the mattress and set the sensor pad on it. It has helped SO much and we only get a false alarm maybe 2x a week.