Monday, June 24, 2013


Lately I have been trying out the whole world of coupons. I have used coupons occasionally in the past, mostly at stores that send them to me in the mail like Bath & Body Works [love their coupons! I refuse to buy anything at that store without a coupon in hand] and Ulta being some of the main contributors. I used coupons occasionally when it came to grocery shopping, but not every time, and I wasn't sad if I didn't have any coupons. Recently I have been wanting to save us more money [it might have something to do with us becoming dirt poor in the next month or so] on my shopping trips so I started looking for and clipping coupons. To no extreme mind you, just here and there, if I saw a good coupon I would cut it out and put it in a little folder. The last few trips to the store I have had an envelope full of coupons to had over at the register. With the coupons and my store card I have been saving quite a lot of money on our groceries, which I happen to love. My savings are nothing like they are on "Extreme Couponers", but it is enough to help me see a difference and celebrate the little savings. 

But my coupons have run out, well, almost and I'm not sure if I should continue couponing like I have for the past few weeks. Even though I love seeing the price drop at the register and seeing the little box on my receipt that says my total savings for the trip was $24.51 [or something] I'm not sure if I should keep it up. This is why: we bought a paper [and they cost a lot more than quarter] but about half [maybe  more] of the coupons were for products we don't even use. So while I used a handful of the coupons included, the others weren't helpful and just went to waste. I like to get certain products, if the coupon is for a sports drink [even though it's a great deal and will save us money] I won't use it because that is not a product I use.

This is why I can't decide if it is something I should try to keep up or not. Yes, the coupons help save us some money, but a lot of the coupons are for products we don't even use. What do you do? Spend a lot of money to get the coupons but then only use a few or not use any coupons at all?

I know there websites that have coupons and such, but so far I haven't found any helpful or good coupons from these sites.

Do any of you coupon? Why or why not? What's your strategy?  Have any tips? Am I the only one that has this predicament?


Lauren said...

I couponed for several months before Elyse was born and I did save quite a bit of money on toiletry items...however, like you it seemed that a lot of the products I buy regularly didn't have coupons anyway! It was a lot of work for me, so I've given it up and try to just shop the sales or price match to save money now!

Susannah said...

I don't coupon for the exact reason you're saying. I get certain products and, typically, there are very few coupons that fit the products I would be getting. Even if it's cheaper, I'm not going to buy something I wouldn't buy anyways.