Friday, June 7, 2013

five things

It's hard to believe it's already Friday. This week has just passed by so quickly. I'm going to join the fun and share five things from this week.

one. I got Instagram! Actually, I signed up for it forever ago but never really used it at all. But one of my sisters has been asking to see pictures of Emerson and I knew she had Instagram, so I caved and started taking (putting?) pictures up. Now I just have to figure out how to share those pictures on here. If you know how to do that I would love a little lesson! :)

two. I went to a Thirty-One party and got a great deal on some gifts! I even got a Christmas gift. One down, a bunch more to go!

three. We are selling our car so we've been working on getting it cleaned up and shiny. We're hoping we are able to sell it fairly quickly and get what we're asking for it. We decided that the three of us and Boady (our dog) are pretty squished in our car when it's time to travel. So we are getting a new car! Well, new to us at least :)

four. I made some cookies this week for our small group. They were incredible. Keep your eyes open for the recipie for the best cookies ever in the whole wide world. Then make them and share them with your friends and family. Or not. I think I could have eaten the whole batch by my lonesome. I didn't, but I think I could have.

five. Sleep training is still in the works. The first two nights were pretty rough. Emerson cried for about an hour and a half. Then I broke down, went in, held him for a bit and he conked right out. The next two nights he fell asleep pretty quickly but was rudely awakened. The first night by Boady and the second by poor hubby. Oh well. Landon felt terrible about it and has at least learned his lesson. Boady, not so much. Here's to hoping tonight and the ones to follow are much much better.

Happy weekend y'all!

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Sarah Mc. said...

Totally identify with feeling I could eat a whole batch of cookies! One reason I don't bake as much as I'd like. The self control is lacking. Good thing to have a small group to share them with!