Monday, June 17, 2013

on staying at home

Two years ago I was blessed with a teaching position. My days were then filled with lesson planning, grading, meetings, teaching, reading, trying to think of creative and fun ways to teach, writing, and more or the same. Getting my teaching job was a complete whirlwind - probably it had something to do with being hired right before school started. Anyhow, teaching has been my life for the past two years. The year or so before that were stepping stones for me starting to teach: student teaching, subbing, being a teacher's aide.

During those two years I learned a lot and was stretched beyond what I thought was possible. My second year of teaching I found my grove. I was able to plan lessons the week before I was teaching (huge accomplishment!), stay on top of grading, and really teach my kids. My second year of teaching was so much better than the first. I didn't come home every day wanting to pull my hair out or in tears. I actually enjoyed being in the classroom and loved spending my days with my kids.

When I started teaching this past fall I knew I was pregnant, though I waited quite a while before I told anyone at school. I also had a pretty good idea about what the future held for us. I knew that I would take the rest of the semester off after the baby was born and my principal was very supportive of me. I was able to find a certified sub to take my place while I was on maternity leave, making my time at home so much easier and more enjoyable.

While I enjoyed my second year of teaching and finally started thinking that it was indeed something I could do for a long time, I also knew that I would be starting a new job as a stay at home mom and not be returning to the classroom. Thankfully my staying at home is something that Landon and I both agree is important and where I need to be during this time in Emerson's life. We can also financially afford for me to stay home. I know that this is not an option for everyone, but am so thankful it is something we are able to do right now. I absolutely love spending my days at home with Emerson and "teaching" him new things every day.

I'm not sure what exactly the future holds for us, so for now I am especially thankful for this time I am able to be with Emerson at home.


Jessie said...

I enjoyed working but I absolutely LOVE being at home with my babies. Best job in the world. We are so lucky.

Susannah said...

That's so great that you're able to be at home with your little guy. That's my husband's and my goal as well. I can't imagine working after I have kids!