Monday, June 10, 2013

this weekend

This weekend was kind of crazy and went by so quickly! Thankfully in the midst of the craziness we were able to go to the park and take a little stroll as a family. Even puppy who does not like to go on walks (as in when he is tired of walking, which is usually two minutes into the walk, he will lay down in the middle of the road and refuse to budge. Unless we turn around to go home he won't move. He's such a lazy dog! I mean, what dog doesn't like to go on walks?!) Anyhow, we all went to the park and took a nice long walk together. Afterwards we met up with some friends for some frozen yogurt. Yum!

Sadly, that night Emerson decided he couldn't (wouldn't?) sleep. Landon went in and held him for a while but to no avail. So after an hour or more of him crying I went in held him for a while. We just sat in the rocker and cuddled for the longest time. While I don't want it to be a nightly ritual, it was very sweet just cuddling with him during the night. I know those moments are fleeting so I try to cherish every one I have with him. He is my little love bug.


Susannah said...

How sweet. As annoying as I'm sure it can be, I know you'll miss the nights cuddling with your little man.

Lauren said...

There is such a struggle with momma's of wanting their babies to sleep through the night (and of momma's wanting to sleep through the night as well!); but also wanting to take advantage of those precious cuddles!