Tuesday, June 25, 2013

visting on the front porch

This past weekend Emerson and I got to go visit my grandparents in Tennessee. Even though we really don't live too far from my grandparents, this was the first time we went to visit them since we have lived here (horrible, I know). It's a shame too, because we are moving further away from them so who knows when the next time we will be able to visit will be. Perhaps that's what made this visit so special.

We got to spend most of the time just sitting on the porch chatting, sipping nice cold glasses of water, watching the neighbor's chickens peck around in the yard. Life seemed to slow down. Nothing seemed urgent or important. Nothing mattered more than just spending the evening together watching the day go by. We were even so lucky to watch the Super Moon for a while, it was so bright and beautiful!

 just chillin' with his great-grandma 
 happy baby 

 he even got to meet one of his great aunts and her kiddos. 

 I love my grandparents. They are some of the best people I know.

  watching a flag football game with grandpa

My heart feels full after visiting my grandparents. My grandpa truly is one of the best men I know. His heart chases after the Lord and it is evident to all around him. I pray that Emerson grows up to be the kind of man my grandpa is.


Susannah said...

What a wonderfully precious time! :-)

love jenny xoxo said...

grandparents are the best! cute photos!
{love jenny xoxo}