Tuesday, July 30, 2013

weekend adventures

You are all in luck! I just realized that I never shared with you the adventures of last weekend... It was an exciting time I tell ya. I spent the morning and early afternoon packing up the car after hubs went to work on Friday. It's amazing how much longer simple tasks like packing take when there is a baby around the house. Anyhow, after the car was packed and loaded Emerson, Boady, and I drove to get hubs from work and drive to our soon to be new home. On the way we stopped at the outlet mall and I got to do a little bit of shopping for my birthday. So exciting! 

We drove a few more hours and arrived at the house. The temperature inside was about 110 degrees. Seriously. Thankfully there is a basement and it was much cooler down there. We spent Saturday doing some errands and I met with a couple about watching their baby (more on that later). We ended the day with a nice little dinner and stroll around the neighborhood (which is like stroller heaven! let me tell ya. Perfectly paved sidewalks and Beautiful homes to gawk over). It was the perfect birthday! 

My little man giving me birthday smiles :) such a sweetie! 

THIS past weekend we had a lovely time with friends and beautiful weather. The guys that hubs eats lunch with at work wanted to go out for lunch with us this weekend as a sort of good-bye lunch. Aren't they the sweetest? After lunch we took a nice little stroll on the walking bridge. I snapped a few pictures of the engineers analyzing the bridge (or something like that). It was the perfect walking weather, slightly cloudy and  misty, not too hot or muggy. My kind of weather. 

On Sunday we celebrated another birthday! Our not so tiny puppy Boady turned 3. What a big dog he is becoming. He even let Emerson pet him (for all of three seconds). We are hoping these two boys become best buds, but as of right now Boady is still mostly terrified of Emerson. 

Now on to conquering the week! Hope you all had a great Monday! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I love our house. I love the size and coziness of it. I love the memories we have in it. I love the location of it. But mostly I love the land around it. Even though we live in a city, it doesn't really feel like we do. We have about an acre or so of land with lots of trees and bushes. A few summers ago we started a little garden and have planted several berry bushes. We love spending time outside. Though this year the misquotes have been pretty terrible so we haven't been able to really enjoy the outside as much as we would like to. Because we have a big yard we have the pleasure of enjoying lots of critters. We had a fox and her kits as neighbors one spring, we've have groundhogs pretty consistently, as well as squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies. 

My favorite are the bunnies. They just hop around looking so happy jolly. They stop and nibble on some grass and flowers here and there and then hop around some more. We have a mama bunny and two smaller bunnies. One of the bunnies is tiny! Like, fit in the palm of your hand tiny. He's just so stinkin' cute! I especially love watching him. 

This morning I went outside to test the weather, you know, to see if it was walking weather or not (it was just a smidgen too hot) -tell me I'm not the only one who does this. Anyhow, as I was standing there something cute little and brown caught my eye. I turned and saw one of our sweet little bunnies laying in our drive. I thought it odd that Buttercup was just laying there, most of the time she hops around and sprints like there is no tomorrow if I get anywhere near her.

Today she didn't do that. When I got a little bit closer she scooted away from me. Scooted. Her back legs were broken. She used her front legs and pulled herself closer to the brush by our drive. Then she stopped and just lay there. Poor Buttercup. 

I wanted to help her. I wanted to do something to make her better. But all I could do was stand there and tell her how sorry I was that she was in pain and couldn't hop around. We watched her for a little bit longer but no matter how long I stood there I couldn't think of how I could help her. 

So I called Landon and told him about Buttercup. He said, "Let Boady go outside and find her." Meaning: the bunny is not going to make it, Hannah. Well, that's not nice. Buttercup is a living, breathing, precious critter. I want to help her, not see her demise.  

see her sad little legs behind her? poor bunny. 
Emerson and I stayed outside for a while this morning keeping Buttercup company. I hope when I go back outside in a little bit she is still there. I wish she could get better and hop away. Though, if I'm honest with myself, that probably won't happen. Buttercup is just a sweet little bunny... 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the return of thrush

Remember way back when, when Emerson had thrush? I remember very clearly how horrible life was during this time. Emerson hardly ate, and when he did he would continually pull off and scream. The poor little fellow. Then I got thrush and we were both in terrible pain. After what seemed like forever we were both treated. It took nearly two months for the thrush to go away completely. After I was sure it was gone I made sure to throw away all of his pacis, the bottle nipples he had used during that time, and the milk I had stored in the freezer for future use. I made sure to throw away all of the milk that was pumped during the bout of thrush. And the few I didn't throw out I was scared to use for fear that we unknowingly had thrush during that time. So the bags of milk sat in the freezer. Untouched.

They should have gone in the trash.

We have started solids. Rice cereal for the moment. And I thought it would be great to use some of the milk I had in the freezer. Why not, right? Before I used it I thought, "I wonder if I had thrush when I pumped this. ... surely not, it was way back in February. He didn't have thrush in February, right? ..." This is the lesson I learned: go with your gut instinct. If you think thrush was present, then it probably was. Throw out the milk!

But did I listen to my gut instinct? No. Instead I mixed that milk with my baby's cereal. And now, because of my stupidity, Emerson has thrush. Again. It makes me want to cry. A lot. So chances are I will get thrush. Again.

I thought it was over. I thought we were done. He was eating so well! We were doing great! No problems! No troubles! It was blissful to have a baby who actually wanted to eat and didn't scream and cry in pain every time I tried to feed him. It was glorious to not be in pain myself and be ever aware of my boobs. But it is back. And gone are the days of good eating. Back are the days of screaming and crying, of pulling away and back arching.

Poor Baby.

And it's all my fault. I feel horrible. I feel terrible. I wish I could go back and just throw the milk out and use formula with the cereal instead.

Now we have to start medication. And it will probably be a month or so before it is gone. Oh, Lord, help us.

He's awake now, and hungry. So I am going to go try and feed my baby, who I know is going to scream and cry and pull away and not get all he needs because he is in pain.

ai. ai.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

happy six month birthday Emerson!

Emerson, It is crazy to think that you are already half a year old! Where have the last six months gone?!  It truly feels like just yesterday that we went to the hospital and welcomed you into our arms. You have grown so much in these short six months, and I know you still have so much growing to do!

We celebrated six months of your life on Sunday and took you to the doctor for your six month check up yesterday. You really love your doctor, you were smiling and laughing for her the whole time. Then that nurse had to come in and give you your shoots. poor baby. You are brave one. You cried after being pricked by the needle, your face went from happy and pleasant to the saddest little pout. Thankfully, you calmed down as soon as I picked you up. Sadly, you had reaction to these shoots as well. When we got home you had a fever and were the biggest cuddle bug. All you wanted was to be held, so we got lots of cuddles in. I gave you some Little Remedies fever medicine and you slept like a champ, in the morning you woke up with big smiles :)

a few of your favorite things:
- putting your toes in your mouth, you absolutely love sucking on your toes and hugging your feet. It is too adorable! 

- holding things, it doesn't matter if it is a toy or my hair, just so long as your pudgy little fingers are gripping something.

- studying objects. You will hold a toy, or hair brush, or paci.... anything really, and get a really serious expression on your face. Your eyes concentrate on the object with such intensity, it's like you are really trying to figure out what the thing is.

- putting your hands on my face. You reach up and place your little hand on my check, mouth, nose, eye... then you stare at me intensely, it's almost like your eyes are reaching into my soul. Oh, precious little moments with you.
- giving kisses. You especially like to grab my face with your pudgy little hands and pull it towards your slobbery mouth and proceed to give me the sweetest kiss ever.

- putting your hand in my mouth, especially when I am reading you stories. Apparently you like how it feels?
- chewing on things. Everything goes into your mouth!
- being held. You aren't a fan of chilling out as much as you used to be. You are just getting so active that laying down is too boring for you these days.

- rolling over. and over. and over. goodness gracious! you are one little rolly polly! Thankfully you have figured out how to sleep even if you are on your belly (it was hard learning how to do that!).

- helping mommy drink her water. It's getting to be a little dangerous, I can't take sips of water or anything really without you reaching out your hands and pulling my glass towards you. You want what I'm having!
- you love standing up. Sometimes you will not bend your legs, it's especially challenging to give you a bath when you refuse to sit.
- diaper changes make you so happy. you have a huge smile the whole time.
- you love bath time! you are really splishing and a splashing now! you are also trying to roll over in the bath tub. yikes!

- Still primarily breast-fed, but you are starting to eat more rice cereal. You have had some here and there in the past, but this month you will be eating every day! On to the solid food!

This and that: 
- you are still in size 2 Pampers Swaddlers.
- you are still wearing size 3 month clothes.
- you have been in the nursery twice now (it might not seem like a lot, but it is to me!)

I love you so much! Thank you for letting me be your momma!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

on trusting in God

There are a few terrifying things about packing up our life and moving a few hundred miles away. Not that I've never moved before, it's just that there are several unknowns about this upcoming move. That is what makes it a little terrifying. One of the biggest unknowns for me is what I will do once we get there. I think I may have mentioned before that I am hoping to babysit so I can stay at home with Emerson. It looks like that is becoming quite the possibility!

I am going to meet with a girl who had a baby this June, she is a teacher and she is looking for some one to take care of her baby girl. She goes to the same church as a friend of a friend of mine goes to. Connections, I tell you. Anyhow, we have corresponded back and forth quite a bit and I am actually going to meet her in person soon! The emails make this sound like a very promising possibility, I just hope the meeting goes well and she doesn't change her mind about letting me babysit her baby.

It truly is crazy to see how God is working in our lives right now. From this upcoming meeting, to providing housing once we move, to all of the school stuff the husband is going to be doing, everything seems as though it is God ordained. Which is reassuring, because moving is going to be a big change for us. I'm just thankful for a God who cares and provides. He truly does know what is best for us and he holds us in the palm of his hand. This move is helping me to trust in him all over again.

Here's to hoping this meeting goes well! :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

on starting solids

It's about time for us to start feeding Emerson real food. We have given him some rice cereal in the past, but it didn't seem to be doing too much and I knew that come six months he would start eating "real" food regularly. I figured it would be just fine if we waited a few weeks to start giving food every day.

To start giving him food is pretty exciting I suppose. It's a big step. But it is also, quite frankly, terrifying. I have read so many different things about how and when to start solids, what kinds of solids to start with, cereal or non cereal.... so many different ways to go about feeding my gooseberry, I don't know which one to use or where to start. It is a lot more overwhelming than I thought it would be.

if only he could get by just chewing on his toys....
 it's much easier :) 

Where do you start? Baby lead weaning? Cereal? Fruit first? Veggies first? All veggies and no fruit? Sippy cup with a little water? Who knew there were so many things to take into consideration? ... I guess if you think about it, it is obvious, but I wasn't really thinking. Here's to hoping we survive and can figure out how to really start solids!! If you happen to have any tidbits of wisdom in this department, I'm all ears! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a fruit smoothie

Smoothies are something that are simply lovely to sip on on warm summer nights. I have experimented with many different smoothie making combinations and recipes and after countless tries I have found one of the most perfect combinations. I can't remember which cook book I found the original recipe in, which is a shame, though what I am about to share with you is my own take on the original anyhow... I'm not even sure what the book says. ....so without further delay, here is my perfect smoothie combination :) 

Fruit Smoothie

2 cups frozen fruit [it's important to put this in the blender first]
one little thing of vanilla yogurt
2 tsp honey
one can pineapple juice [or pineapple, orange, banana as the case it tonight :]

blend it all together and then pour yourself a nice cup of smoothie! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

a weekend adventure

Last weekend [I'm sharing last weekend with you because I don't have pictures from the yard sale we had this weekend :] we went up to visit my sister and her family. It is probably the last time we will see them until Christmas, which is crazy to think about. We enjoyed hanging out with them and catching up on life. It was fun to see her kids with Emerson, they think the fact that he drools is gross and didn't want to give him any of their toys for fear that he would stick said toy in his mouth and make it wet... which he did with any toy [foot, blanket, book, hand... anything really] that he could get his hands on. I can't say that I blame them.

 snoozing on the way up. look at those little cheeks! bah! 

 giving baby Emerson his own toys to gnaw on. 

 Emerson wants his toy, he gets sad without it.

 us with my sister and her kiddos after church. 

Family is a wonderful thing :) 

On our way home we got to stop and see some of our friends who had a baby about a month and a half ago. 

the little munchkins ... 24 weeks and 6 weeks. crazy!

a picture with our pookies :) 

anyhow. that was the weekend I remembered to take pictures :) I hope you all had a good one. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

instagram genius

I figured out how to master instagram. Well, maybe not master it, but I figured out how to get some fancy little show of my instagram pictures up on my blog. That is pretty much amazing - technology doesn't usually agree with me. It makes my heart happy that today it decided to! So, you should follow me on instagram and then I can follow you back and we can see pictures of all the cute babies and the yummy food and whatever else it is that you happen to share on instagram! Deal? Great!

And here is where I would insert a picture from my instagram collection, but as I mentioned earlier, technology and I don't really get along at the moment. So, I'm afraid I just can't do that. Not right now at least. Maybe one of these days I will figure it out. Um, if you know how you are more than welcome to share your wisdom :)

k. I hope you are having a happy day!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

zucchini bread

One of my favorite things to do is bake, if I had to pick one thing that I had to do for the rest of my life it would be baking. I love the measuring and mixing, the colors and smells that are created when you bake. It would be a dream come true to stay in a kitchen all day long and bake anything and everything I wanted to. If only dreams could come true...

Summer time offers so many delicious flavors and ingredients, one of my favorites is zucchini. Zucchini is so versatile, you can throw it in a skillet, bake it in a casserole of some sort, or make bread with it. Since I love baking and I love bread, my favorite thing to do with zucchini is to make zucchini bread.

Here is what you'll need:
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 ground nutmeg [I always make mine heaping :]
1 egg, beaten
1 cup sugar
1 cup finely shredded, unpeeled zucchini
1/4 cup cooking oil [I sometimes substitute with apple sauce :]
1/2 cup chopped walnuts or pecans, toasted [optional]

Heat oven to 350. Grease bread pan [one is enough for this recipe] and set aside. Combine flour, cinnamon, baking soda, salt, baking powder, and nutmeg. Make a little well [hole] in the middle if you want [I have done it with and without making the well, and I haven't noticed any significant difference]. Set aside.

Shred zucchini and set aside.

In a separate bowl combine egg, sugar, shredded zucchini, and oil [or apple sauce]. Add to the flour mixture. Combine until moistened, the batter should be a little bit lump. If you are using nuts, fold them in, if not pour your batter into the bread pan.

Bake for 50-55 minutes, or until a knife/toothpick/fork comes out of the center clean. Let cool. Then enjoy! :)

Original recipe from Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a little cup o' jo

Like many people I enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee. I even enjoy a tasty cup of tea. But coffee is one thing that can really warm my soul. It has a way of hugging me and can give me the illusion that everything in the world is ok. 
I used to work at a coffee shop, this was probably one of my favorite jobs. Walking through the door into the shop was one of the most inviting parts of my day. Life felt cozy, warm, and safe. Winter days were some of my favorite days to work in the coffee shop. The warmth of being inside and the comforting aroma of the coffee had a way of making the cold seem inviting [even if it was just because I knew that I was nice and toasty inside :)]. 

So I enjoy some coffee. Just a cup. I'm not crazy addicted to the stuff. It's not my crack or anything. I just like to have a cup every now and then. But I'm fine to go a day or two without having any. When I found out I was pregnant I decided that I wouldn't drink any coffee. My doctor said it was fine, as long as I had it in moderation [no more than 12 ounces I think is what he said], but I choose to cut it out completely. So I put my coffee maker away and for the next nine months didn't give it a second thought. 

After Emerson was born and was waking up to eat every hour and a half made me completely exhausted. All I thought about was sleep. All I wanted was to lay in bed [or on the couch] and close my eyes for a minute [or five hundred]. I can't remember a time when I have been so sleep deprived. Thankfully those days are behind us [hopefully!] and I am able to get more sleep. Even still, I feel tired and would go back and forth about whether or not I should have caffeine or not. The doctor said that as long as you drink caffeine in moderation it is fine. But I was paranoid that by my drinking coffee the caffeine would somehow mess with Emerson and I didn't want that. Even though I know lots of nursing mothers who drink a cup of coffee each day, it was something that I wasn't so sure I wanted to do. 
Then one morning I decided I needed some coffee. I'm not sure what made me need some that morning as opposed to all the other mornings, but I dug the ol' coffee maker out and brewed a little cup. And oh, it was delightful. So while I am not drinking coffee every morning, or having more than 6-8 ounces of it, I am enjoying a little cup every now and then. I was just happy to find my good ol' pal again, Butter Toffee Coffee is pure bliss and it makes my heart happy when I get to start my day with a few sips.

Do you enjoy drinking coffee? Tea? Are you addicted to it? Do you have a favorite kind?

Monday, July 8, 2013

a rolly polly munchkin

I feel like I have read a lot of new mamas talk about the four month bump (or something like that). Four months is apparently when babies do a lot of learning and developing and tend to have more restless nights than usual. I have even read about it on baby websites and such. Apparently it is a thing.

Well, four months came and went for us and Emerson kept on sleeping and doing everything else just like he always had. He would wake up once in the night to eat and then he'd be up pretty much at 7 on the dot. He would take pretty good naps, and they would be pretty consistent. A two-two and a half hour nap in the morning, an hour long nap in the afternoon, and then a 30 or so minute nap around dinner time. I was all concerned about the four month bump, worried that Emerson would stop sleeping as well at night and such. It didn't seem to happen for us.

I think it just took Emerson a little bit longer to get to the four month developmental mark, or rather for him it is not four months, but five that is when he is doing loads of developmental stuff and what not. I suppose if he had been born on his actually due date (February 13) it might be more like four months for him right now....

Anyhow. He is doing lots of learning right now. In particular, rolling over. It's great that he has learned this new skill, but not so good because he hasn't really mastered it. This becomes a problem at night. He falls asleep great, and sleeps for a while, but then he rolls over and gets stuck against the side of the crib (often times his little arm is sticking out between the slats). It's so pitiful. Poor little guy. And he is not sleeping. So I am not sleeping. And I'm just not sure how to help him or what to do to make it better for him. Suggestions? Ideas? Help?

It is my hope that he gets over this little stage fairly quickly and starts sleeping "through the night" like he used to again, soon.

Friday, July 5, 2013

good morning

I realize it is no longer morning, but I just wanted to share how my little munchkin greeted me this morning... 

That's right, one leg completely free from his pjs. How he managed to free his little leg I have no idea. My cutie is already doing tricks for me :) 

Have a happy weekend! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

on sleep training. we figured it out. for now. lets hope this works for a long time.

Remember how two or so weeks ago I mentioned we were in the process of sleep training and letting Emerson sleep in his crib? Well, we have finally figured out something that works! Praise the Lord! he is sleeping in his crib at night now and now longer in his rock n' play. He is even taking naps in his crib. At first he still took his naps in the rock n' play, but I knew he would have to transition to his crib eventually so one day I just decided it was time for him to do all of his sleeping in his big ol' crib. 

Having him take naps in his crib was a little hard at first. He would sleep so well in the rock n' play [like two - two and a half hours good!] and I wanted him to keep that nice long nap. The first time I put him in his crib for his nap he slept for 30 minutes. oh. dear. But, I kept putting him in his crib and he quickly [maybe three days?] started taking his two-ish hour long naps again. I love this nap because it allows me to get a lot done around the house: clean, laundry, blog, maybe a nap every now and then... So I was super happy he continued with these long naps.

Getting him to sleep at night took a little bit [or rather a lot a bit] of experimenting and buckets of tears [both from Emerson and myself]. We had been in the routine of giving him a bath and reading a few stories before laying him down for the night. But that did not work so well. He would just lay in bead and scream, for up to an hour or more. It was Horrible. I felt so bad for my baby. I hated that he cried and screamed like that.

So, one night I decided to nurse him right before laying him down. It didn't matter if I had just fed him an hour ago, I would nurse him right before I put him down for the night. So give him a bath, read a few stories, pray with Daddy, say good-night, and then I nurse him. He eats for about a half hour or so and then I lay him down. With the exception of two or three nights he stays asleep [because he falls asleep while nursing] when I lay him in bed.

I have a fan in his room, which not only cools his room down but also works as a great white noise. I also have a sound machine. Personally, I love listening to the waves crash on the sand each night when I lay him down [hopefully listening to the ocean waves will grow a love for the ocean in him :].

It is crazy to think that my baby is big enough to be sleeping in his own crib [though, I realize some babies sleep in there from the very start]. Golly, he's sleeping in his own room and he went to the nursery?! He's just growing up too fast!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

house for sale

Because we are moving we are also in the process of selling our house. It has been on the market for almost two months now. We had one offer but they changed their mind so we are back to square one. That means showings. The showings are wonderful to have, it means people are interested in our house and it means a potential buyer. What is not so wonderful about the showings is the fact that for each one I have to pack Boady, his crate, and his basket of dog things in the car along with Emerson, his rock n' play sleeper (because it would just be unsightly to leave it in the middle of the living room where it usually stays), and of course make sure the house is in pristine condition.

It might not sound like a lot, but it takes longer than you might think. And because I am a little OCD I have to go through each room at least twice to make sure everything is in it's proper place and all the lamps and lights are on. We are just really praying that our house sells very soon. Making this move is a huge leap of faith and our house not selling is really testing how much I trust in the Lord. The move is slowly sneaking up on us and I know that it is going to take quite some time getting everything packed up (especially because there is an adorable little baby who is very demanding of my time and attention :).

Sometimes I just wish God would reveal his great big plan to us, show us how everything is going to work out. But he doesn't, at least not to me. I suppose this is where trusting in Him really comes in to play. If only it were done as easily as it is said...

Monday, July 1, 2013

the nursery

Yesterday while we were at church I decided it was time for our little baby to go to the nursery [insert crying here]. One nice thing about our church is that it has 'cry rooms' parents can sit in these rooms during the service with their babies/toddlers so they can avoid the nursery. It's really quite nice. We have been sitting in the cry room for a while now, you just never can tell when Emerson is going to start giggling uncontrollably or make a little [or big] peep. I just haven't been ready to take Emerson to the nursery so we have sat in the cry room with Emerson.

But after the service is Sunday School. There is no cry room for Sunday School. And Emerson is starting to get bored really easily these days, looking for something new to do/chew on, a place to roll around, wanting to be walked around. We don't want our baby to be a distraction to others in Sunday School so we took him to the nursery. We thought about doing this before, but it has never worked out with feeding him. I don't want him to be hungry in the middle of class [which has happened before] and leave a screaming baby in the nursery. But I also don't want to leave a bottle for him.

This week it worked out almost perfectly, after the service was over I fed Emerson and then we walked the dreaded walk to the nursery. He got his little name sticker and we gave them special instructions and then the lady took him away from me... I watched him for a few minutes through a big window, he looked so big, being in the nursery, all by himself [well, with a few caring capable adults of course]. Even thinking about it now makes me want to cry. My baby went to the nursery for the first time yesterday... he's growing up so fast!