Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a fruit smoothie

Smoothies are something that are simply lovely to sip on on warm summer nights. I have experimented with many different smoothie making combinations and recipes and after countless tries I have found one of the most perfect combinations. I can't remember which cook book I found the original recipe in, which is a shame, though what I am about to share with you is my own take on the original anyhow... I'm not even sure what the book says. ....so without further delay, here is my perfect smoothie combination :) 

Fruit Smoothie

2 cups frozen fruit [it's important to put this in the blender first]
one little thing of vanilla yogurt
2 tsp honey
one can pineapple juice [or pineapple, orange, banana as the case it tonight :]

blend it all together and then pour yourself a nice cup of smoothie! 

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Susannah said...

I just love smoothies!!! :-)