Monday, July 8, 2013

a rolly polly munchkin

I feel like I have read a lot of new mamas talk about the four month bump (or something like that). Four months is apparently when babies do a lot of learning and developing and tend to have more restless nights than usual. I have even read about it on baby websites and such. Apparently it is a thing.

Well, four months came and went for us and Emerson kept on sleeping and doing everything else just like he always had. He would wake up once in the night to eat and then he'd be up pretty much at 7 on the dot. He would take pretty good naps, and they would be pretty consistent. A two-two and a half hour nap in the morning, an hour long nap in the afternoon, and then a 30 or so minute nap around dinner time. I was all concerned about the four month bump, worried that Emerson would stop sleeping as well at night and such. It didn't seem to happen for us.

I think it just took Emerson a little bit longer to get to the four month developmental mark, or rather for him it is not four months, but five that is when he is doing loads of developmental stuff and what not. I suppose if he had been born on his actually due date (February 13) it might be more like four months for him right now....

Anyhow. He is doing lots of learning right now. In particular, rolling over. It's great that he has learned this new skill, but not so good because he hasn't really mastered it. This becomes a problem at night. He falls asleep great, and sleeps for a while, but then he rolls over and gets stuck against the side of the crib (often times his little arm is sticking out between the slats). It's so pitiful. Poor little guy. And he is not sleeping. So I am not sleeping. And I'm just not sure how to help him or what to do to make it better for him. Suggestions? Ideas? Help?

It is my hope that he gets over this little stage fairly quickly and starts sleeping "through the night" like he used to again, soon.

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Susannah said...

Awww... poor little guy! I hope he figures out the rolling over thing soon! It would really not be fun to be stuck in the side of a crib!