Tuesday, July 23, 2013

happy six month birthday Emerson!

Emerson, It is crazy to think that you are already half a year old! Where have the last six months gone?!  It truly feels like just yesterday that we went to the hospital and welcomed you into our arms. You have grown so much in these short six months, and I know you still have so much growing to do!

We celebrated six months of your life on Sunday and took you to the doctor for your six month check up yesterday. You really love your doctor, you were smiling and laughing for her the whole time. Then that nurse had to come in and give you your shoots. poor baby. You are brave one. You cried after being pricked by the needle, your face went from happy and pleasant to the saddest little pout. Thankfully, you calmed down as soon as I picked you up. Sadly, you had reaction to these shoots as well. When we got home you had a fever and were the biggest cuddle bug. All you wanted was to be held, so we got lots of cuddles in. I gave you some Little Remedies fever medicine and you slept like a champ, in the morning you woke up with big smiles :)

a few of your favorite things:
- putting your toes in your mouth, you absolutely love sucking on your toes and hugging your feet. It is too adorable! 

- holding things, it doesn't matter if it is a toy or my hair, just so long as your pudgy little fingers are gripping something.

- studying objects. You will hold a toy, or hair brush, or paci.... anything really, and get a really serious expression on your face. Your eyes concentrate on the object with such intensity, it's like you are really trying to figure out what the thing is.

- putting your hands on my face. You reach up and place your little hand on my check, mouth, nose, eye... then you stare at me intensely, it's almost like your eyes are reaching into my soul. Oh, precious little moments with you.
- giving kisses. You especially like to grab my face with your pudgy little hands and pull it towards your slobbery mouth and proceed to give me the sweetest kiss ever.

- putting your hand in my mouth, especially when I am reading you stories. Apparently you like how it feels?
- chewing on things. Everything goes into your mouth!
- being held. You aren't a fan of chilling out as much as you used to be. You are just getting so active that laying down is too boring for you these days.

- rolling over. and over. and over. goodness gracious! you are one little rolly polly! Thankfully you have figured out how to sleep even if you are on your belly (it was hard learning how to do that!).

- helping mommy drink her water. It's getting to be a little dangerous, I can't take sips of water or anything really without you reaching out your hands and pulling my glass towards you. You want what I'm having!
- you love standing up. Sometimes you will not bend your legs, it's especially challenging to give you a bath when you refuse to sit.
- diaper changes make you so happy. you have a huge smile the whole time.
- you love bath time! you are really splishing and a splashing now! you are also trying to roll over in the bath tub. yikes!

- Still primarily breast-fed, but you are starting to eat more rice cereal. You have had some here and there in the past, but this month you will be eating every day! On to the solid food!

This and that: 
- you are still in size 2 Pampers Swaddlers.
- you are still wearing size 3 month clothes.
- you have been in the nursery twice now (it might not seem like a lot, but it is to me!)

I love you so much! Thank you for letting me be your momma!


Jennie said...

What a cutie! Congrats on 1/2 year down!

Lauren said...

so cute! and it cracks me up that Emerson loves diaper changes...Elyse tolerated it, but never loved it!