Tuesday, July 2, 2013

house for sale

Because we are moving we are also in the process of selling our house. It has been on the market for almost two months now. We had one offer but they changed their mind so we are back to square one. That means showings. The showings are wonderful to have, it means people are interested in our house and it means a potential buyer. What is not so wonderful about the showings is the fact that for each one I have to pack Boady, his crate, and his basket of dog things in the car along with Emerson, his rock n' play sleeper (because it would just be unsightly to leave it in the middle of the living room where it usually stays), and of course make sure the house is in pristine condition.

It might not sound like a lot, but it takes longer than you might think. And because I am a little OCD I have to go through each room at least twice to make sure everything is in it's proper place and all the lamps and lights are on. We are just really praying that our house sells very soon. Making this move is a huge leap of faith and our house not selling is really testing how much I trust in the Lord. The move is slowly sneaking up on us and I know that it is going to take quite some time getting everything packed up (especially because there is an adorable little baby who is very demanding of my time and attention :).

Sometimes I just wish God would reveal his great big plan to us, show us how everything is going to work out. But he doesn't, at least not to me. I suppose this is where trusting in Him really comes in to play. If only it were done as easily as it is said...

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Susannah said...

I'll be praying that your house sells ASAP! :-)