Wednesday, July 3, 2013

on sleep training. we figured it out. for now. lets hope this works for a long time.

Remember how two or so weeks ago I mentioned we were in the process of sleep training and letting Emerson sleep in his crib? Well, we have finally figured out something that works! Praise the Lord! he is sleeping in his crib at night now and now longer in his rock n' play. He is even taking naps in his crib. At first he still took his naps in the rock n' play, but I knew he would have to transition to his crib eventually so one day I just decided it was time for him to do all of his sleeping in his big ol' crib. 

Having him take naps in his crib was a little hard at first. He would sleep so well in the rock n' play [like two - two and a half hours good!] and I wanted him to keep that nice long nap. The first time I put him in his crib for his nap he slept for 30 minutes. oh. dear. But, I kept putting him in his crib and he quickly [maybe three days?] started taking his two-ish hour long naps again. I love this nap because it allows me to get a lot done around the house: clean, laundry, blog, maybe a nap every now and then... So I was super happy he continued with these long naps.

Getting him to sleep at night took a little bit [or rather a lot a bit] of experimenting and buckets of tears [both from Emerson and myself]. We had been in the routine of giving him a bath and reading a few stories before laying him down for the night. But that did not work so well. He would just lay in bead and scream, for up to an hour or more. It was Horrible. I felt so bad for my baby. I hated that he cried and screamed like that.

So, one night I decided to nurse him right before laying him down. It didn't matter if I had just fed him an hour ago, I would nurse him right before I put him down for the night. So give him a bath, read a few stories, pray with Daddy, say good-night, and then I nurse him. He eats for about a half hour or so and then I lay him down. With the exception of two or three nights he stays asleep [because he falls asleep while nursing] when I lay him in bed.

I have a fan in his room, which not only cools his room down but also works as a great white noise. I also have a sound machine. Personally, I love listening to the waves crash on the sand each night when I lay him down [hopefully listening to the ocean waves will grow a love for the ocean in him :].

It is crazy to think that my baby is big enough to be sleeping in his own crib [though, I realize some babies sleep in there from the very start]. Golly, he's sleeping in his own room and he went to the nursery?! He's just growing up too fast!


Jennie said...

I felt the same way when my little one moved into his own room!! I waiting till he was 7 months and still had a hard time with it! He did great though!

Lauren said...

yay! so glad you've found something that works for you! we always fed Elyse before putting her down, and even though she was still awake when we laid her seemed to calm her down & the milk-coma knocked her out for the night!

Susannah said...

Yay! What a blessing that he's sleeping on his own now!!!