Monday, July 1, 2013

the nursery

Yesterday while we were at church I decided it was time for our little baby to go to the nursery [insert crying here]. One nice thing about our church is that it has 'cry rooms' parents can sit in these rooms during the service with their babies/toddlers so they can avoid the nursery. It's really quite nice. We have been sitting in the cry room for a while now, you just never can tell when Emerson is going to start giggling uncontrollably or make a little [or big] peep. I just haven't been ready to take Emerson to the nursery so we have sat in the cry room with Emerson.

But after the service is Sunday School. There is no cry room for Sunday School. And Emerson is starting to get bored really easily these days, looking for something new to do/chew on, a place to roll around, wanting to be walked around. We don't want our baby to be a distraction to others in Sunday School so we took him to the nursery. We thought about doing this before, but it has never worked out with feeding him. I don't want him to be hungry in the middle of class [which has happened before] and leave a screaming baby in the nursery. But I also don't want to leave a bottle for him.

This week it worked out almost perfectly, after the service was over I fed Emerson and then we walked the dreaded walk to the nursery. He got his little name sticker and we gave them special instructions and then the lady took him away from me... I watched him for a few minutes through a big window, he looked so big, being in the nursery, all by himself [well, with a few caring capable adults of course]. Even thinking about it now makes me want to cry. My baby went to the nursery for the first time yesterday... he's growing up so fast!



Lauren said...

i totally understand! We sent Elyse to the nursery around 6 months when there was no way she was going to sit still enough for service!

Susannah said...

I'm not even pregnant yet and it makes me tear up a little thinking about having my baby be in the church nursery. It's definitely a step that shows that the little one is growing up.