Tuesday, July 30, 2013

weekend adventures

You are all in luck! I just realized that I never shared with you the adventures of last weekend... It was an exciting time I tell ya. I spent the morning and early afternoon packing up the car after hubs went to work on Friday. It's amazing how much longer simple tasks like packing take when there is a baby around the house. Anyhow, after the car was packed and loaded Emerson, Boady, and I drove to get hubs from work and drive to our soon to be new home. On the way we stopped at the outlet mall and I got to do a little bit of shopping for my birthday. So exciting! 

We drove a few more hours and arrived at the house. The temperature inside was about 110 degrees. Seriously. Thankfully there is a basement and it was much cooler down there. We spent Saturday doing some errands and I met with a couple about watching their baby (more on that later). We ended the day with a nice little dinner and stroll around the neighborhood (which is like stroller heaven! let me tell ya. Perfectly paved sidewalks and Beautiful homes to gawk over). It was the perfect birthday! 

My little man giving me birthday smiles :) such a sweetie! 

THIS past weekend we had a lovely time with friends and beautiful weather. The guys that hubs eats lunch with at work wanted to go out for lunch with us this weekend as a sort of good-bye lunch. Aren't they the sweetest? After lunch we took a nice little stroll on the walking bridge. I snapped a few pictures of the engineers analyzing the bridge (or something like that). It was the perfect walking weather, slightly cloudy and  misty, not too hot or muggy. My kind of weather. 

On Sunday we celebrated another birthday! Our not so tiny puppy Boady turned 3. What a big dog he is becoming. He even let Emerson pet him (for all of three seconds). We are hoping these two boys become best buds, but as of right now Boady is still mostly terrified of Emerson. 

Now on to conquering the week! Hope you all had a great Monday! 

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Susannah said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!! Happy belated birthday! :-)