Friday, August 30, 2013

house on fire and a movie

Five things for this Friday...

1. Our air conditioner is broken. The other night while I was putting Emerson to bed I thought I smelled something burning. When I got downstairs I still smelled the burning smell. Not a good thing. And I saw the hubby on the couch (he does not do his school work on the couch). Also not good. I asked him if something was burning to which he said, "You smell it to?" Um. Yes. Then he told me he heard the AC unit pop and that's when he smelled the burning. So, we called our firemen up and they came over to check everything out. Sure enough, we were right to call. They smelled the smoke right away and it was even a little hazy/smokey when they got in the basement. Yikes. Their advice: leave the AC unit off until it can be repaired. We are still waiting for it to be repaired. Hopefully soon.

2. There are massive flies in our basement. Like, enormous. I've never seen quite so many big nasty flies before. We kill one or two and then the next time we turn around there's another on just chilling on the wall. It's gross. Flies are one thing, but these suckers? Egh!

3. I'm enjoying a nice long weekend with my little man already! Baby Girl stayed at home yesterday and today with her Auntie who is in town to visit her. It's kind of nice to just be able to hang out with E and do whatever. While I love watching Girl, two babies are hard work! It's nice to have a little break.

4. E and I are planning lots of trips during the day just so we can get out of this furnace of a house! Next on the list: the grocery store.

5. Friday nights are quickly becoming one of my favorites. Landon and I will go get a movie from RedBox to watch together while we enjoy some pizza. We don't have cable here so a movie night is a fun little date night. We wait until E is sleeping and then we start the movie. I quite like it. So, if you have any good movie recommendations I'd love to hear!

[I know, no pictures. Sorry. Just words today folks :]

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

how to make an envelope pillow case cover: a tutorial

The other day I shared a picture of a pillow case I had just finished making. I had so much fun making these little covers that I thought I would do a little tutorial for you all. 

fabric of your choosing [I used two coordinating fabrics]  
sewing machine
iron and ironing board
measuring tape
fabric scissors

Measure your pillows or look on the tag/packaging to see the dimensions.
Add one inch for each side. Say your pillow is 15x15, you will measure 16x16 

Cut one square [ex. 16x16] of fabric.

For the back over lay: Add 6 or 8 to your measurements and then divide by 2 [ex. 16+6=22 divide 22 by 2 = 11 and 16+8=24 divide 24 by 2 = 12]. Cut your squares into 16x11 and 16x12 inch squares respectively.

[You will need one of each. So this pillow cover will have three pieces you sew together: one 16x16, one 16x11, and one 16x12 pieces of fabric.]

Measure and cut your fabric into squares.

Iron each piece.

For the back pieces fold down and iron a quarter of an inch on one side of the fabric. Fold over one more time and iron [this makes it look nice and much easier to sew. Trust me, take the time to iron your fabric!]

Your fabric should look like this once it's ironed:

 [note how one side of the smaller back pieces are folded and ironed]

Sew your ironed fold of fabric near the edge. Go back and sew a second time, this time closer to the top of the fold. 

Your finished piece should look like this after you've sewn the flap down:
Lay your big square pretty side up, match up the smaller pieces pretty sides down [you should only see the back of the fabric, if you are looking at the front/nice/pretty side of the fabric you need to change it]. 

Make sure that your fabric is "inside-out" [if you don't you will be using a seam ripper to rip out all of your hard work and this little project will take you much longer than it should :]

Pin the pieces together. [Again, take the time to pin your pieces, it will cause you a big headache if you don't.]

Sew your pillow case together with a 1 1/2 inch seam allowance all the way around.

When you get to the openings back-stitch for extra reinforcement.

When you are finished sewing your pillow you can go back around with a zig-zag stitch for extra reinforcement if you want to. If you do this, just stitch closer to the edge of the fabric.

Cut the corners off of your pillow [this helps to prevent big bumps and lumps once you turn it inside out :]

Turn your pillow case right side out.

Iron your pillow case one last time.

Stuff your pillow into the case and then take a nice little nap :]

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Catch and Kill Gnats (aka fruit flies)

I don't know about y'all, but every summer since we have been married our kitchen seems to attract gnats. Pesky little brown insects that swarm your kitchen and never seem to leave. In fact, they do just the opposite of leaving, they multiple. Each summer I have tried dozens of different ways to get rid of them. The one time we were successful was because we were gone from our apartment for two weeks, it was the middle of a Texas summer, we turned the air off, and covered all of the drains. Two weeks later when we walked into our stifling apartment, they were dead and gone. 

Unfortunately we didn't have the luxury of doing that each summer. So I tried other methods to kill them, I even had a control group type experiment going on at one point (you know, like you do in science class). It didn't work. I tried vinegar and soap, juice and vinegar, water and soap... you name it chances are I tried it. But none of them worked. 

This summer we were gnat free in our house in Louisville, however, shortly after moving to our new home in Illinois, the gnats decided they would throw us a little welcome party and invade our kitchen and fruit. They were killing me. Not literally. But they were making me a little bit crazy. So I decided I would give it one more try. I looked up how to kill gnats, found a dozen different ways, and decided to try the one I am about to share with you. 

Now, to the good part. How to catch and kill gnats: 

Gather your supplies: 
- Apple Cider Vinegar (it must be a.c.v.!)
- dish soap
- a short glass/cup/jar you don't mind using as the burial grounds for dozens of gnats. 


- pour about 1/4 - 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar into the jar
- squirt 4-6 squirts of dish soap into the vinegar
- swirl the two around
- set the jar on your counter (make sure it is somewhere you won't think it's a drink and pick it up for a sip) and let the bugs come! 


 can ya see the little buggers at the bottom?! 

All these little guys love this glorious concoction!

With this magic potion I caught and killed about a dozen gnats within 30 minutes, for the reals. Try it! ...if of course your kitchen is cursed with gnats. You will love me forever! :) 

Monday, August 26, 2013

family pictures

As a shower gift Landon and I were gifted a family photo session. We were excited to have the opportunity to have some nice pictures taken. So about two months ago we had our little family photo session and just got the pictures back this week. Here are the ones I liked.  



I am looking forward to Christmas time when we can hopefully have some more family pictures taken! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

five on friday - babies and sewing

1. I survived my first whole week of babysitting. It is definitely a challenge watching two babies at once. Some days the babies sleep at the same time, which is nice, but that also means that a lot of the time they are also hungry at the same time, which is not so nice. Overall though, it is going well and I am enjoying the fact that I am able to stay at home with Emerson and babysit to earn some extra income for our little family.

2. Since we moved I decided that I wanted to spruce up our living room a little bit. We have nice brown and tan couches and pillows that came with them. Pretty much, there's a whole lot of browns and tans in our living room and not too much color. I'm changing that. This week I started making pillowcase covers for our pillows and a curtain to match. I am having so much fun making these little covers! It's a good thing too, because I have several more to make!

3. Emerson is having some tummy troubles. Apparently starting solids can make a little tummy constipated. Poor fellow! I don't know what to do. I have tried a number of things, one of them being feeding prune and/or apple juice but he doesn't seem to like either. So here we are. A baby with a grumpy tummy. This sadly (I'm assuming) is making him not want to eat very much either. When we first started solids he was happy to eat and eat and eat. Not any more. He'll take a few bites and be done. I'm just worried! I don't know what to do. Help?!

4. All of the boxes in our house are finally unpacked! yay!

5. We got our washer and dryer early! Before we moved we found a steal of a deal on a washer and dryer so we ordered them so they could be delivered once we moved in. Well, apparently the washer wasn't in stock and wouldn't be until the 29th of August. What?!  I tried everything possible to get it sooner than that, but it was useless. We would have to wait until August 29 to get our washer. The dryer we could have before then... Strange. Thankfully, a guy from the store called me up the other day and asked when they could deliver the washer! Praise Jesus!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I finally did it!

Finally, after years (literally years) of trying to make a blog button, I made one. I figured out how to make a button. I used about a gazillion (ok, probably more like 12) different tutorials and combined some of the tutorials in the end to finally make my button.

The easiest part of making the button was the picture part, I used PicMonkey for editing the picture and adding text to it. Then I used Susannah's tutorial for installing the button. The best part of this tutorial was that she shares a link that helps you create the html code for your button. The hardest part for me was finding the link for my picture - but after a bajillion different tries (remember I've been trying to make this button for years) I finally figured out where to find my pictures link was at. If you are in need of some help finding yours I would be happy to help (or at least try)! I'm just so thankful I was finally able to figure it all out!

Whew! I feel like I can finally breathe! I was soooo excited when the button worked! I may have even done a little jig.

So, please feel free to grab my button, it would make me so happy if you did! It's over there on the right, take it please!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

happy 7 months Emerson!


It is hard to believe that you, my sweet little baby,  are 7 months old today! Holy cow, where has the time gone?

You are one wiggly little worm! You LOVE to move and are hardly ever still. Changing your diaper has become quite the challenge because you are constantly turning over and trying to grab anything and everything you possibly can. You roll yourself from one side of your room to the other and love playing on the floor with all of your toys.

In addition to rolling everywhere, you are also kicking like it's your business. You kick after you finish nursing, when you are playing on your floor, when you are being held, and when you are in your bouncer. Your feet are hardly still. Just the past few nights you have discovered the fun of kicking while in the bath tub. You love making the water splash all over the place.

Now that you are all grown up on me (*sniff) you are eating lots of different foods. So far you've tried sweet potato, rice cereal (though your tummy did not like that one!), prunes, peas, watermelon (you loved!), and oatmeal cereal. I think there may be one or two others you have tried, I am just having trouble remembering. Next up for you to try is avocado. You are still nursing, though you have become quite speedy which is wonderful! Now instead of taking 45-60 minutes to eat you take about 15 minutes give or take.

One of your favorite things (or so it seems) is pulling my hair. It is not my favorite. Goodness gracious, I can't even keep my hair in a pony tail for one whole minute before you've pulled it out and eat it. If I leave it down it makes it much worse. I will be very happy when you outgrow this little phase.

Anything you can get your hands on goes into your mouth. Sometimes we catch you with things that you should not be mouthing and you scream when we take them away. Sorry :)

You are living in your second house now. We moved from Kentucky to Illinois this month, you really haven't seemed to notice much of a difference. The only part about the move you noticed and didn't care for was the fact that it messed your schedule up. You like a routine - so do I.

This month you cut your first two teeth!! Your bottom left tooth came in first (August 10) and the bottom right cut through on August 12. Those teeth were painful! You just wanted me to hold you and it was the sweetest thing.

You are still wearing size 2 diapers and 3 month clothes, though you just moved into 6 month sleepers - you are getting longer! You weigh about 15 pounds and have the most kissable checks.

You love giving kisses. You'll grab my face and pull it towards your wide open mouth. Your big wet slobbery kisses are one of the sweetest and best things. I love it when you get in a kissy mood and give kiss after kiss.

You are such a happy baby. People in the stores are always stopping and saying how happy and smiley you are. You just look at them and give them one of your gummy grins (though you were quite serious for our little photo shoot today...). 

Thank you so much for making me your mama. I love you more than you can know and more with each passing day. I am so thankful I get to spend my days hanging out with you and watching you grow and learn. You are a joy to everyone you know and your daddy and I blessed to be your parents.

I love you to the moon and back. 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

little teeth

Emerson cut his first two teeth! Wow. It was a painful few days for the poor little fellow but on August 10 he cut his bottom left tooth and his bottom right tooth cut through on the 12th. What a big boy he is becoming! It is sad that all of his teeth cutting happened in the midst of our move so I wasn't able to cuddle with him as much as he would have liked, but I am thankful that they have made their appearance and things have calmed down around here again.

I would share a picture of his baby teeth but it's nearly impossible to get one, his little tongue gets in the way too much.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

good-bye home sweet home, hello new

Hello! I have missed you all. I am back because we finally have internet! yay!

... Goodness gracious. I feel like it has been weeks since I had time to sit down and blog! Probably because it has been. A lot has happened in the past two weeks!

- I got our house completely packed up. It was quite the chore with a little munchkin around to help, but Emerson was pretty good through all the chaos of packing. I was relieved when it was finally all packed up! That's pretty much what I did for a week straight. I discovered while packing that we have far too much crap and I wanted to get rid of pretty much all of it. I'd like to be a minimalist.

my little helper entertaining himself while I pack 

 lots and lots of boxes.... and this wasn't even half of it! 

 more packing 

 I couldn't have done it without this little sweetie!

- On Thursday (the 8th) we got a big ol' moving truck and some of our friends came over and helped up load up the truck. They stayed for several hours and we were so thankful for their help. Landon and some of other guys did a great job doing all of the heavy lifting and had the truck loaded in no time. It would have taken so much longer without them!  

our empty kitchen 

- On Friday (the 9th) morning we packed up a few last minute items; Landon's mom had stayed the night so she was able to help, it was so nice to have some extra help in the morning.

- After we were finished emptying our house we drove to the closing. We sat in a little room with the new owners of our house and signed the papers to finalize the sale. It was such a huge answer to prayer to have the papers finalized and signed. Our house is no longer our house. Good-bye home sweet home.

- We drove to our new home in Illinois

 don't worry, we were stopped at a light when I took this picture :) 

- Unloaded the truck. At first we thought it would just be the two of us unloading the truck but some of our incredibly wonderful friends drove up to help us! They were amazing! Landon and our friend Andrey got all of the big pieces of furniture out of the truck and into the house. I have no idea how we would have managed with out him or his wife. They were such a huge blessing! Because of their help we were able to get the truck unloaded in a matter of hours.

- Before they left to go back home we had a nice little meal together and then said another good-bye.

 Emerson's first taste of watermelon. He LOVED it! 
Probably especially because he is teething.

wonderful friends! We are so thankful for their friendship and will miss them so much.

- Saturday and Sunday we spent unpacking the boxes that I had just finished packing. I can't function in a house full of boxes so they were pretty quickly unpacked. Like really, I get all crazy and tense and it's just not pretty. Landon kept asking where something was and all I could say was, "it's in a box..." Landon's dad and one of his sisters came up to help for a little bit which was a blessing. It was so nice to have some to entertain Emerson so we could get settled.

- Sunday afternoon we said another good-bye to Landon's family and started living our life as a family of three in a new place.

 hello new home and life

- The rest of the week we worked on unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and getting settled into the house. We still have a few things to do like hanging pictures and whatnot, but for the most part the unpacking is finished.

- Whew!