Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday

Where has this week gone?! I feel like it was only just Monday. Even though the days have seemed to disappear this week, I am so glad it is Friday. There is just something about a good Friday. Anyhow, we have had quite the week so I thought I would link up for 5 on friday. 

1. We are moving in one week. One week from today we will be pulling out of our drive and away from our nice little house for the very last time. We will be leaving close friends, family, and church to go start on a new adventure. Our moving day has really snuck up on me. One day it's June and we have all the time in the world before we move, and the next day we are single digits away from moving.

2. Once I realized our move was a week away I knew I needed to start packing up our house. But first I knew I needed some boxes. Because we are such a cheap frugal family I called about a seven stores asking if they had any unwanted boxes. I finally found one that did. So that evening at the proper time Emerson and I went out and dug dozens boxes from the store's recycle box. Free boxes are the best boxes. And now I officially have seven boxes packed and ready to move. Seven boxes in an hours time. With a baby helping. Not too shabby. Now... on to the rest of the house.

3. Emerson had his first taste of water this week! He was a little unsure about the what came out of the sippy cup at first, but he really enjoyed mouthing the cup.

4. Emerson also tried a new food this week: sweet potatoes! I think he likes them :) It was so fun making food for this little man!

5. We got a new toy this week. Also known as the best toy ever in the world. This will be going on the must have list. Little Bit loooooves this bouncy-toy contraption and so do I. He just sits/stands in it for the longest time moving from toy to toy. His favorite little toy is the green leaf thing he is chewing on in the picture. I kind of think this is his favorite because he can chew on it :) We are loving this best toy ever!

Have a happy weekend y'all! We plan on having a super busy and productive weekend! I hope yours is just want you want it to be. See ya on Monday!



Lauren said...

so cute! and I'm all about free boxes as well...except that just the thought of having to pack up my house kind of makes me break out into hives!

Ashleyrose said...

Stopping by from 5 on Friday! Emerson is such a cutie! I hope your move goes well!

Susannah said...

Your little boy is so stinking cute! Good luck on your move, Hannah! Just think, 2 weeks from now you'll be saying that the move was a week ago, not that it's a week away. :-)