Saturday, August 17, 2013

good-bye home sweet home, hello new

Hello! I have missed you all. I am back because we finally have internet! yay!

... Goodness gracious. I feel like it has been weeks since I had time to sit down and blog! Probably because it has been. A lot has happened in the past two weeks!

- I got our house completely packed up. It was quite the chore with a little munchkin around to help, but Emerson was pretty good through all the chaos of packing. I was relieved when it was finally all packed up! That's pretty much what I did for a week straight. I discovered while packing that we have far too much crap and I wanted to get rid of pretty much all of it. I'd like to be a minimalist.

my little helper entertaining himself while I pack 

 lots and lots of boxes.... and this wasn't even half of it! 

 more packing 

 I couldn't have done it without this little sweetie!

- On Thursday (the 8th) we got a big ol' moving truck and some of our friends came over and helped up load up the truck. They stayed for several hours and we were so thankful for their help. Landon and some of other guys did a great job doing all of the heavy lifting and had the truck loaded in no time. It would have taken so much longer without them!  

our empty kitchen 

- On Friday (the 9th) morning we packed up a few last minute items; Landon's mom had stayed the night so she was able to help, it was so nice to have some extra help in the morning.

- After we were finished emptying our house we drove to the closing. We sat in a little room with the new owners of our house and signed the papers to finalize the sale. It was such a huge answer to prayer to have the papers finalized and signed. Our house is no longer our house. Good-bye home sweet home.

- We drove to our new home in Illinois

 don't worry, we were stopped at a light when I took this picture :) 

- Unloaded the truck. At first we thought it would just be the two of us unloading the truck but some of our incredibly wonderful friends drove up to help us! They were amazing! Landon and our friend Andrey got all of the big pieces of furniture out of the truck and into the house. I have no idea how we would have managed with out him or his wife. They were such a huge blessing! Because of their help we were able to get the truck unloaded in a matter of hours.

- Before they left to go back home we had a nice little meal together and then said another good-bye.

 Emerson's first taste of watermelon. He LOVED it! 
Probably especially because he is teething.

wonderful friends! We are so thankful for their friendship and will miss them so much.

- Saturday and Sunday we spent unpacking the boxes that I had just finished packing. I can't function in a house full of boxes so they were pretty quickly unpacked. Like really, I get all crazy and tense and it's just not pretty. Landon kept asking where something was and all I could say was, "it's in a box..." Landon's dad and one of his sisters came up to help for a little bit which was a blessing. It was so nice to have some to entertain Emerson so we could get settled.

- Sunday afternoon we said another good-bye to Landon's family and started living our life as a family of three in a new place.

 hello new home and life

- The rest of the week we worked on unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and getting settled into the house. We still have a few things to do like hanging pictures and whatnot, but for the most part the unpacking is finished.

- Whew!


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

We are just getting ready to move overseas and I'm already feeling the stress! So glad you got moved in ok!

Susannah said...

I'm so glad your move is completed. I'm sure that's just a weight off your back!

Sara Lynn said...

Oh man, moving is the worst but luckily you had such great friends to help you!