Wednesday, August 21, 2013

happy 7 months Emerson!


It is hard to believe that you, my sweet little baby,  are 7 months old today! Holy cow, where has the time gone?

You are one wiggly little worm! You LOVE to move and are hardly ever still. Changing your diaper has become quite the challenge because you are constantly turning over and trying to grab anything and everything you possibly can. You roll yourself from one side of your room to the other and love playing on the floor with all of your toys.

In addition to rolling everywhere, you are also kicking like it's your business. You kick after you finish nursing, when you are playing on your floor, when you are being held, and when you are in your bouncer. Your feet are hardly still. Just the past few nights you have discovered the fun of kicking while in the bath tub. You love making the water splash all over the place.

Now that you are all grown up on me (*sniff) you are eating lots of different foods. So far you've tried sweet potato, rice cereal (though your tummy did not like that one!), prunes, peas, watermelon (you loved!), and oatmeal cereal. I think there may be one or two others you have tried, I am just having trouble remembering. Next up for you to try is avocado. You are still nursing, though you have become quite speedy which is wonderful! Now instead of taking 45-60 minutes to eat you take about 15 minutes give or take.

One of your favorite things (or so it seems) is pulling my hair. It is not my favorite. Goodness gracious, I can't even keep my hair in a pony tail for one whole minute before you've pulled it out and eat it. If I leave it down it makes it much worse. I will be very happy when you outgrow this little phase.

Anything you can get your hands on goes into your mouth. Sometimes we catch you with things that you should not be mouthing and you scream when we take them away. Sorry :)

You are living in your second house now. We moved from Kentucky to Illinois this month, you really haven't seemed to notice much of a difference. The only part about the move you noticed and didn't care for was the fact that it messed your schedule up. You like a routine - so do I.

This month you cut your first two teeth!! Your bottom left tooth came in first (August 10) and the bottom right cut through on August 12. Those teeth were painful! You just wanted me to hold you and it was the sweetest thing.

You are still wearing size 2 diapers and 3 month clothes, though you just moved into 6 month sleepers - you are getting longer! You weigh about 15 pounds and have the most kissable checks.

You love giving kisses. You'll grab my face and pull it towards your wide open mouth. Your big wet slobbery kisses are one of the sweetest and best things. I love it when you get in a kissy mood and give kiss after kiss.

You are such a happy baby. People in the stores are always stopping and saying how happy and smiley you are. You just look at them and give them one of your gummy grins (though you were quite serious for our little photo shoot today...). 

Thank you so much for making me your mama. I love you more than you can know and more with each passing day. I am so thankful I get to spend my days hanging out with you and watching you grow and learn. You are a joy to everyone you know and your daddy and I blessed to be your parents.

I love you to the moon and back. 



Megan. OneFifteenDanville. said...
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Megan. OneFifteenDanville. said...

what a handsome boy! those teeth are the devil! i ant believe what a peanut he is! lol Reese would crush him, shes a heavyweight ;)

jennifer said...

Omg he is precious! And I love his little onesie stickers! :)

Silver Lining Decor said...

Precious!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am so glad to have found yours! Your boy is a cutie :)