Friday, August 30, 2013

house on fire and a movie

Five things for this Friday...

1. Our air conditioner is broken. The other night while I was putting Emerson to bed I thought I smelled something burning. When I got downstairs I still smelled the burning smell. Not a good thing. And I saw the hubby on the couch (he does not do his school work on the couch). Also not good. I asked him if something was burning to which he said, "You smell it to?" Um. Yes. Then he told me he heard the AC unit pop and that's when he smelled the burning. So, we called our firemen up and they came over to check everything out. Sure enough, we were right to call. They smelled the smoke right away and it was even a little hazy/smokey when they got in the basement. Yikes. Their advice: leave the AC unit off until it can be repaired. We are still waiting for it to be repaired. Hopefully soon.

2. There are massive flies in our basement. Like, enormous. I've never seen quite so many big nasty flies before. We kill one or two and then the next time we turn around there's another on just chilling on the wall. It's gross. Flies are one thing, but these suckers? Egh!

3. I'm enjoying a nice long weekend with my little man already! Baby Girl stayed at home yesterday and today with her Auntie who is in town to visit her. It's kind of nice to just be able to hang out with E and do whatever. While I love watching Girl, two babies are hard work! It's nice to have a little break.

4. E and I are planning lots of trips during the day just so we can get out of this furnace of a house! Next on the list: the grocery store.

5. Friday nights are quickly becoming one of my favorites. Landon and I will go get a movie from RedBox to watch together while we enjoy some pizza. We don't have cable here so a movie night is a fun little date night. We wait until E is sleeping and then we start the movie. I quite like it. So, if you have any good movie recommendations I'd love to hear!

[I know, no pictures. Sorry. Just words today folks :]

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Kelly Z said...

Sorry to hear about your AC. Hope it gets fixed soon. Enjoy your weekend!

chelsey (ThingstobeStroudof) said...

What a fun idea, thank goodness for red box! Really stinks about your A/C, hopefully it gets fixed sooN! have a great weekend!