Tuesday, August 20, 2013

little teeth

Emerson cut his first two teeth! Wow. It was a painful few days for the poor little fellow but on August 10 he cut his bottom left tooth and his bottom right tooth cut through on the 12th. What a big boy he is becoming! It is sad that all of his teeth cutting happened in the midst of our move so I wasn't able to cuddle with him as much as he would have liked, but I am thankful that they have made their appearance and things have calmed down around here again.

I would share a picture of his baby teeth but it's nearly impossible to get one, his little tongue gets in the way too much.


Megan said...

Poor little guy - yay for 2 new teeth though! :)

IG: megawat

Susannah said...

Poor guy! Cutting teeth is no fun at all! Hopefully this season will get by quickly!