Monday, September 30, 2013

the story of us: part 3

A while back I started sharing the story of how my hubs and I met. I have had great intentions of finishing this story but have never gotten around to it. So, I thought this would be an appropriate week to finish that story and to hopefully share some tidbits from our engagement and wedding seeing as how this Friday we will be celebrating our fifth (!!) wedding anniversary. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here of our story if you want to catch up.


After the Cousin, Girlfriend, Landon, and the few other friends left my sister's house that night Sister couldn't wouldn't stop talking about how awesome and cute Landon was (for me of course). I brushed her off and tried to be all cool about it. Yeah, I thought he was really nice, he seemed like a really good Christian guy (I mean, he and his friends had just told a story in which a girl was hotly pursuing him one night. She went into the room all the friends were in, climbed on top of him, and tried to kiss him. But instead of kissing him she ended up giving a big ol' smooch to his Bible that he whipped out from beside him and used to block his face with. Who does that?!), and let's be honest; he was hot. But, I lived in Idaho and he lived in Kentucky. Let's be practical here. What guy (or girl for that matter) wants to be in a long distance relationship? Especially with a girl you just met and hardly know at all? Um. None?

just playing some cards. obviously I'm not at all happy to be there, sitting next to him. 

A few nights later Sister, her Hubs, and I were invited to a New Year's Eve Party that Girlfriend was throwing. She made sure to mention that Landon was going to be there, and we pretty much had to come. So we went. It was a nice little party, nothing crazy: card games, pool, snacks, and chatting. Somehow I ended up playing cards with Landon, Sister, and his best friend. Funny how out of all the people there we ended up playing cards together (maybe he kinda liked me too?!). Apparently people were still scheming... Before we left that night Landon and I said good-bye (Sister made sure that we didn't leave without saying bye to him first) he asked me if I had Facebook (it was still new back in those days and only for college students... remember those good ol' days?) and said he would find and friend me. And that was that. I was going back to Idaho in a week or so and he was staying in Kentucky. I wasn't going to get my hopes up for this guy that I would probably never see again.

the first picture of us taken together, oh how young we were...  

Like I mentioned here Sister and her hubs set me up on several dates while I was visiting them. These guys kept calling to see if I would please do something with them (though I did get a free ski trip out of the whole thing for me and my brother -but that's a whole other story), I didn't want to. I really wasn't interested in those guys. The only one I thought was nice enough liked was Landon, and I did not expect him to call me. Ever.

But one night, while Sister and I were hanging out in the kitchen the phone rang. Sister thrust the phone in my face and mouthed, "It's him! It's Landon!" and started to dance and dance all around me (keep in mind she is six months pregnant at this point...). Obviously I was pretty super incredibly happy ecstatic that it was Landon on the other end of the phone. But of course I had to maintain my composure and not be a stupid giddy girl while I was talking to him. This was nearly impossible to do because: 1. Sister refused to leave me alone and continued dancing in circles around me following me through the house as I tried to escape from her and 2. I was super excited that he had called me.

I liked this boy. 

He asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him. Um. Yes, please! I said as cooly as possible given the circumstances. We planned for him to come pick me up the next afternoon and have lunch. The Cousin and Girlfriend were going to tag along, to help it be a little less awkward. The next day the four of us enjoyed a really nice lunch and afterwards we went our separate ways. Landon took me back to Sister's and I thought that would be then end of it.

It wasn't (obviously), but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Friday, September 27, 2013

five on friday ... treats and plans

one. I discovered another new best friend this week. In a moment of weakness I snatched up a box that was on clearance. o. my. goodness. It's almost as good as the real thing and kind of better in a way because it is so much cheaper. Remember a few weeks ago when I met this guy? Yeah, I think I'm seeing a trend here...

two. I discovered a new show [to me at least, I'm pretty sure it's been around for a while, but you know me; I'm slow to jump on the ban wagon]. One afternoon when I was feeling kind of blue and lonesome and had a little bit of alone time I found Parenthood on NBC's website/app and thought I'd give it a try. Holy wow. I was a blubbering idiot by the time the first show was over. Have any of you ever watched this? It's just, wow.

three. I think we're going to a little concert/cookout/something that involves meeting new people tonight. One of my new friends and her hubby invited us to go with them which was super sweet. Sometimes my hubs and I don't always feel like going places and meeting new people, but we are always glad when we go. I think it will be especially nice to meet new people, and really just to see people in general. My days are long and lonely and I've been craving social interaction. I think it will be a nice time.

four. Emerson has come down with a little cold. It's so sad and pitiful. His little cough breaks my heart. And his sneezes... poor little fellow did not sleep very well last night. He woke up a few hours after I laid him down and refused to go back to sleep. Refused to cuddle, sit still, rock, be held... he was struggling. After about a [generous] hour [or two] he finally let me rock him and he slept through the night. Thank you, Jesus!

five. One thing I miss a lot about being in the classroom everyday is the sense of organization and routine/scheduling that went along with it. So, in hopes of establishing a little more routine in my life I have started using my planner a little bit more. Even though I love planners and using them, I find that when I am at home with no real upcoming due dates or meetings or other things like that I don't use it quite as much. I've started really planning our weekly meals and I have even made a little schedule for myself with chores that need to be done [I'll share what that's like later on though].

Anyhow. That's my Friday and stuff. I hope you all have a delightful weekend! I am looking forward to seeing a little more of the hubs, hopefully!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

slides and swings

Now that the weather is getting cooler Emerson and I are enjoying going on walks nearly every day. Most of the time Landon is able to come with us, but some days are longer than others and E and I go on our own. It gives us something to do and can take anywhere from 10-50 minutes depending on the day.

One of the things I really like about the neighborhood we're living in right now is the park that is in it. There's a basketball court, baseball field, skate park, tennis court, playground and little picnic areas. The other day I decided to try out the slide and see if Emerson would like it. He Loved it. He would always have the biggest grin on his face when we got to the bottom of the slide.

I love that it is hat season. Hats on this little guy make me so happy. Hats in general make me happy, but especially on this squirt.

Each time we go to the park he seems to love the swing even more.

Oh, how I love this boy.

Perfect day for a trip to the park. It was a little cooler than we anticipated, so we just bundled him up on the walk.

He nearly always takes a little snooze on our walks. 

Farms, clouds, walks, hats, a soft breeze, cool air, giggles, dimples, pudgy little arms that give tiny hugs. It's the little things that make up the blessings in life.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a little liebster award

Last week Ashley picked me for the Liebster Award. I was reading her blog and saw my name! Crazy! And super sweet of her. This is how Ashley explained what the Liebster award is: "... a peer-nominated award that is given to new, up and coming bloggers (under 200 followers) for a chance to "meet" new bloggers and find new blogs."  I thought it would be fun to participate, so here we go!

The rules: 

1. Link back to the person that nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the nominator
3. Choose 5-11 bloggers, each under 200 followers, and nominate them for the award
4. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer

Ashley's Questions: 

1. What are your favorite things about Fall?

I love everything about Fall! But I guess a few favorites would have to be... the cool crisp air, the rich colors of the earth, cozy sweaters and hoodies, soup [I feel like it's the perfect season for soup], pumpkins, baking with said pumpkins, homey smelling candles... the list could go on. Fall is seriously my favorite season of all [I just talked about this yesterday]. Maybe one of the reasons for that is because I grew up in a tropical country and never really experienced Fall until I came to the states for college. Good memories. [can ya tell I'm in love with this season?]. And also, the hubs and me were married in October. How much better could it get? :]

2. If you could live in a decade other than the current one what would it be and why? 

This is something I think about a lot. I would have loved to live in the Pioneer Days. Covered wagons, horses, cow pies, stove ovens, hay mattresses, caravans traveling West... I think the reason I would have loved to live in this time so much is because it was a simple time. There were no big distractions. You lived off of the land and worked hard for your family [in a different sort of way than people do these days]. Everything was made from scratch. You planned your meals ahead - what you had to can/dry/store for the winter months. Life was simple and quiet.

...sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era, but I suppose God knows what He's doing, huh? :)

3. Why did you start blogging? 

I started blogging because I love to write and I thought it would be a fun way to keep track of the goings on of our lives. I journaled, but then I discovered that blogging existed and it is a little more interactive. When we moved around it was nice to have some sort of friendships through blogging. I also started blogging so friends and family could keep up with where we were and what we were up to.

4. What is your favorite quote? 

Is it bad that I don't have a favorite quote? I like this verse a lot though...

5. If your life became a movie what Actress would you want to play you? 

I  think I would pick Rachel McAdams. She just seems sweet [well, not in Mean Girls] and she is super cute. It would be flattering if she would pretend to be me.

6. What is your favorite color? 

Green ... and yellow. They are both pretty close. They are just so happy and fresh, it's hard not to like them.

7. What is your favorite candy or snack? 

The popcorn that comes in tins around Christmas time. I love that stuff. I have could eat the whole tin in one sitting.

8. Sunrise or Sunset? 

They are both so gorgeous! But I think I would pick sunset just because I'm more happy to be awake at sunset than sunrise. I can enjoy it more because I'm not straining to keep my eyes open.

9. Favorite hobby? 

Baking. I could bake all day. I heart it.

10. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee? 

Starbucks. Though, it's a special treat for sure! That stuff is scrumptious and pricey! The past few years I have been given gift cards to Starbucks for Christmas or something and I make it last a whole year. Special treat, I tell ya.

11. Favorite flower? 

I feel like this changes. I love tulips, but they die so quickly! Daffodils are happy, but they kind of have a short life too. Orchids are Beautiful and live for a long time. Gerber Daisies are just plain ol' happy.

So, orchids. At least for today.

The five ladies I'm picking... 

Caitlyn @ Home Sweet Ruby
Megan @ One Fifteen Danville
Lauren @ The Lucky Layman's
Heather @ A Different Kind of Woman
Chelsea @ Anchors Aweigh

11 questions:

1. What is your favorite holiday and why?

2. What is one of your favorite family traditions and why? Or what family tradition would you like to start and why?

3. How do you like to spend your free time?

4. If there was one person you could meet [famous, dead, alive...] who would it be and why?

5. Favorite time of day and why?

6. Do you have a favorite place to go and visit? Where is it and why is it your favorite?

7. Mountains or beach? Why?

8. If you could do anything for one month what would it be and why?

9. Do you like to read? What is your favorite book [if you have one]?

10. What do [did] you want to be when you grow [grew] up? Are you doing that?

11. What is some of the best advice you have ever been given?


Alright then! That's all I've got for now.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

fall wish list

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love it for so many different reasons, I think the main reason I love it so much is because it represents all that is cozy. The days are crisp and cool. The leaves turn rich reds, oranges, browns, golds, and purples. Warm smells of cinnamon, pumpkin, apple, and nutmeg hug you for months. Fires crackle and blankets comfort you. Slippers become your best friends. Sweaters, hoodies, jeans, and socks are welcomed. Fall is the beginning of the holiday season. Just seeing pumpkins give warm fuzzies and kiss your soul. 

So in honor of all that is Fall I thought I'd make a little list of things I [we] hope to do this season. 

 My Memories Suite v. 4 helped me make this little list

And there you have it. Fall is in the air and I love it! :) 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Emerson: 8 months


Saturday marked your 8 month birthday! We spent the morning playing and went to the park. Sadly you had a little fever that afternoon and were not feeling too hot [actually you were literally very hot, but you know what I mean. You were super cuddly and extra affectionate. Thankfully the fever didn't last long and you were back to your happy little wiggly self the next day. I'm not sure if it was teething or if you caught a little version of the bug Daddy had earlier in the week. I'm just glad you're better! You are a growing little gooseberry! Every day you are becoming more and more mobile. You definitely have your own little personality and it is so fun to watch you as you learn about the world around you. 

You love playing! You are happy to roll/scoot/pull/crawl around on the floor for hours. Sometimes you will entertain yourself with toys and other times you want to go for things you shouldn't have or play with, like a cord or the door stop. Man, you love door stops. 

It is crazy how mobile you have become recently! You are getting around pretty quickly these days. You like to scoot/pull/crawl... I'm not really sure if there is an exact name for it or not, but that what you are doing! Daddy tried putting the baby gate up this weekend but it was the wrong size for the space... so we'll have to wait a little longer on that. 

You like having a playmate and you guys get along pretty well. Though, you guys play together you constantly try to take her paci! I think you guys conspire against me sometimes and decide how to make  my life more difficult. But, you're so cute that I don't mind too much. 

Everything you touch still pretty much goes into your mouth. It doesn't matter if it's a shoe or a toy, you want to eat it. If you don't have anything to put into your mouth your hands or feet are your number one choice. Or mama's hair... we're trying to break you of that, it is not a very pleasant feeling for me. 

You still love kicking and sometimes you will kick for the longest time. And you kick hard too, like it's your job or something. While you kick sometimes you have a very serious little face and other times you giggle and squeal. Funny little guy. 

You have really started reaching out to be held. Mostly you do this while you are laying on the floor. You'll raise your arms and make little grunty sounds or just smile really cute like so I can't help but pick  you up.  

Chilling out is something you are doing more often. Most times when I put you in your car seat or on the couch you rest your little arm on the side. Little man. You are getting better at sitting up for longer periods of time and have perfect posture. You like to sit in the front part of the grocery cart when we go to the store... though after a while you get uncomfortable and make me hold you. I mean, who wants to hear a crying baby at the store [or ever for that matter]? Not me and I know the other shoppers don't. So I hold you. Mostly I try and go grocery shopping while Daddy can stay at home with you.

You have started giving pats. It's adorable.

You do not like having your face and hands washed/wiped off. You used to love this and giggle the whole time. Not any more. Now you are quite vocal and let me know just how much you dislike this little ritual. Oh, man. You have a little voice for sure.

You have finally outgrown your 3 month clothes and are wearing size 6 month, but are still in 3-6 month size clothing. You have been in the six month sleepers for a few weeks because you are getting long. You are still wearing size 2 diapers. You weigh about 17 pounds!

You go to the nursery at church every week now and seem to do a great job! They say you like to cuddle a lot, but I've seen you play some too before we pick you up. 

Food is one of your favorite things! You love meal time. As soon as you are sitting in your chair you expect to eat, you are not a very patient little fellow when it comes to eating. Though, I suppose you never have been. You get so excited when you see your food and wave your little arms and kick your little feet. After you take a bite you kick like crazy until you get another bite and then you just do the same thing again. You have had lots of different fruits and veggies, some new additions are blueberries, peaches, and carrots. You really like blueberries and sweet potatoes. You have three "meals" a day now. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I think we'll start adding a little snack time in there soon. You are still nursing though, hopefully we'll make it to one year before we stop. I don't imagine we'll be stopping before then but if we have to for some reason, I'm glad we made it this far.

You have tried your first finger foods: Mums and Puffs. You liked the holding part, but you didn't really seem to care for the actual taste/texture of the Mums or Puffs. With both you when you get a little bite you make a really funny face [almost like the food tastes sour], you cough a little bit, your eyes get a little red, and then you smile - most of the time. I don't really think you actually like these foods right now, but you do seem to like feeding yourself. Although, with the Puffs the success rate of you actually getting one into your mouth is about 1:5, you'll get better. Boady loves that you are eating finger foods now and he will sit very patiently by your chair just waiting for a morsel to fall. I'm just glad we have him around so I don't have to sweep all the time :)  

Reading is a favorite pastime of yours. You like to read by yourself, which mostly consists of you eating the book instead of reading it. But hey, I'm just glad you like books and you have to start somewhere. We'll work on actually reading in a few months.

Most of our days are spent hanging out in your room. You read, play, look at pictures, talk babble and coo, and roll around. Things are pretty quiet around these parts, which is pretty nice most of the time.

You love your Daddy. When he comes home in the evenings you smile so big when you see him. You enjoy playing with him and Boady. You really like to watch Boady and Daddy play and run around. Boady is still very cautious of you. He is happy to touch you when he feels like it, but when you want to pet him he's not the biggest fan and darts away from you. It's kind of funny. He is learning very quickly that you are starting to move more and when you inch closer to him he runs and hides. Ha. I think he will be spending a lot of voluntary time in his bed just so you won't get him.

I tried to get these pictures side by side for a better comparison, but I couldn't figure out how to do that, so for now this will have to do...

one and a half months or so

8 months

I know I say it all the time, but I just can't believe how big you are getting! You are just growing up on me so fast little gooseberry! You bring so much joy into our lives and home and we love you more then you will ever know. Thanks so much for making me your mama. 

I love you to the stars and back,
your mama. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

five on friday: babies and fall time


Candles are one of my favorite things. Lighting a yummy smelling candle and watching it burn just makes my heart happy. I saved some money I received as a birthday gift and when these  candles went on sale and Bath & Body works, you can bettcha I picked some up. I love how they always have sales and give you a thousand coupons. Anyhow, I waited until my favorite season rolled around to buy the candles and now my house smells like cozy and warm.  


With the season of Fall coming very close [the first official day of Fall is Sunday!] it is getting a little bit cooler around these parts. Well, it's at least teasing us with cooler weather. One day it's perfectly crisp and then next it's miserably hot. I just wish the weather would make up it's mind. Anyhow, Fall typically brings cool temperature with it and with those chilly days I love me some toasty toes. I practically live in slippers. They are another one of my favorite things.


I heart this little gooseberry. When we were banished to the basement a few weeks ago because of our broken air conditioner, I snapped this picture of my little guy. But because I don't always upload my pictures right away it is just now making it's appearance. It's just so cute how he sleeps with his buns in the air. I always want to sneak into his room at night and take pictures, but am terrified of waking him up. The basement allowed a little extra light and it was already a crazy night... 


Hoping we can visit a pumpkin patch sometime in the next month. Our porch is pretty lonely and a pumpkin could bring some cheer. Plus, I think it would be so fun to take Emerson. 


The boy decided to use his bottle as an armrest. He loves to prop his arms up on things, especially the sides of his carseat. Silly boy.  

And that's all I've got. Happy weekend to you! 


Thursday, September 19, 2013

the library

One of my favorite places to visit is the library. Seeing as how I love books and reading it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Anyhow, I just love visiting libraries. They are so peaceful, so quiet, so full of knowledge. Pretty much anything you could want can be found at the library. 

A few years ago I shared about visiting the library while we were temporarily living in the Washington D.C. area. It wasn't a rainbows and butterflies type of experience. All that to say, libraries play a large role in my life. I love that they are full of books that you can borrow. I love that you don't have to pay. I love books. There is something about being in a library that instantly makes me feel smarter. 

The library in the town we just moved from was super nice. They had a great children's area, it was cozy, it gave warm fuzzy feelings, and the lay out in general was lovely. I was a frequent visitor. Then we moved. I wasn't scared that I wouldn't find a library; each town usually has a little library. I was just sad because I didn't think the new library would be as nice as our old one was. 

Um. Yeah. It's nice alright. It's five times as big as our old library. Two stories. Rows upon rows of books. They even practically have a movie rental section. Crazy. To say I was overwhelmed when I first walked into the library might be a little bit of an understatement. This place is like a palace of books.

I thought I would just go in browse a little bit and then be done. So I grabbed my bag and baby and off we went. Shortly after entering the library I realized that it would be tricky to see everything I wanted to see with a babe on my hip. I tried to make it a quick visit, but that just didn't happen. There was too much to see. So I walked around with one arm heavy with a baby, another arm weighed down with my bag, and one hand full of books. I was struggling. Lesson learned, next time I will take the stroller.  

Thankfully this library lady was much nicer than the one in D.C. she let me have a card that day and excitedly showed me all the things the library has to offer. She did her job well. I tell you what, if she had told me to come back a different day and that I could get the books I had carried lugged around the library I would have been pretty cranky. I'm just glad it didn't come to that. I got to take my books home.

One thing I am excited about is that this library has a story time for babies. Perfect, right? Gosh, I was so excited when I saw they had this. But when story time rolled around and I had two babies to wrangle into the car and then into the library, I realized it just wasn't happening. These babies thrive on routine and they were not okay with a trip out and about. Maybe in a few months when the little baby I watch is older we will finally be able to make it out of the house. Or, maybe not. Either way, we have a super nice library to visit.

It's not the quaint, cozy, small little library I am used to. But as long as they have books it doesn't matter a bit. What about you? Do you love libraries? Are they your BFF? Have you had good/bad experiences with libraries?