Friday, September 13, 2013

five on friday - cuddles, cookies, and puppies

Fridays have always been a delightful day, but I feel like more recently they have become even more special. They mark the end of a week. The say, "Congratulations, you survived another week. Take a little rest [well, as much rest as you can get with a baby around the house that is :]. So here is to another week of goodness.

We are getting a fence this weekend. I am terribly excited about this. We knew before we moved that we were going to get one, and everything has worked out so that we can. Our landlord thinks it will add value to the property and we are happy to oblige. It will be especially nice for puppy, he will love being able to go outside without a leash on [and more often than he does right now]. It will also be nice for us to be able to enjoy a little more privacy and for the summers when I plan on getting a little pool for Emerson to splash in.
Emerson has been so cuddly lately. He will scoot/roll/crawl over to me and pull himself on top of me. It's so cute, I can't not pick him up and hold him. He's been super lovely dovey about a half hour before his nap time, so we sit in the marshmallow chair, rock, read stories, and cuddle. I love those little moments with him. They make my heart overflow. 

We are having some new friends over for dinner this weekend. I miss our friends and building relationships, so I am very much looking forward to dinner with people! If you know me at all, you know that one of my favorite things to do is bake, so of course there will be desert. I'm just trying to decide what to make! 

I could potentially start watching another baby. This is both terrifying and exciting. Terrifying because well, it would be me and three babies all day every day. I'm not sure how I would manage. Exciting because I know we need the extra money and this would be a great way to help keep our family out of the negative. And because it would be more friends for E. We shall see what happens... 

Our poor pup is not doing too well. Okay, he's not dying or anything, but he has been really scratchy lately. We have checked multiple times for fleas and haven't seen any. One of our vet school friends thinks it could be allergies. Emerson and I are taking Boady to to vet this afternoon to get him checked out. Landon and I are hoping it's nothing serious [or expensive] and that our pup can be back to his normal self soon. Sadly, if it is going to be a monthly treatment of X amount of dollars, we will have to find a new home for him. We are hoping it doesn't come down to that. Though, I suppose we'll find out this afternoon. 

If you want to join in the fun just go link up with Darci and a few other fun ladies!  Have a happy weekend!


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Bunnie said...

OMG I love that house! So cute!! Your fur baby is to die for! New follower for sure!

Found you on the link up :)!

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