Friday, September 27, 2013

five on friday ... treats and plans

one. I discovered another new best friend this week. In a moment of weakness I snatched up a box that was on clearance. o. my. goodness. It's almost as good as the real thing and kind of better in a way because it is so much cheaper. Remember a few weeks ago when I met this guy? Yeah, I think I'm seeing a trend here...

two. I discovered a new show [to me at least, I'm pretty sure it's been around for a while, but you know me; I'm slow to jump on the ban wagon]. One afternoon when I was feeling kind of blue and lonesome and had a little bit of alone time I found Parenthood on NBC's website/app and thought I'd give it a try. Holy wow. I was a blubbering idiot by the time the first show was over. Have any of you ever watched this? It's just, wow.

three. I think we're going to a little concert/cookout/something that involves meeting new people tonight. One of my new friends and her hubby invited us to go with them which was super sweet. Sometimes my hubs and I don't always feel like going places and meeting new people, but we are always glad when we go. I think it will be especially nice to meet new people, and really just to see people in general. My days are long and lonely and I've been craving social interaction. I think it will be a nice time.

four. Emerson has come down with a little cold. It's so sad and pitiful. His little cough breaks my heart. And his sneezes... poor little fellow did not sleep very well last night. He woke up a few hours after I laid him down and refused to go back to sleep. Refused to cuddle, sit still, rock, be held... he was struggling. After about a [generous] hour [or two] he finally let me rock him and he slept through the night. Thank you, Jesus!

five. One thing I miss a lot about being in the classroom everyday is the sense of organization and routine/scheduling that went along with it. So, in hopes of establishing a little more routine in my life I have started using my planner a little bit more. Even though I love planners and using them, I find that when I am at home with no real upcoming due dates or meetings or other things like that I don't use it quite as much. I've started really planning our weekly meals and I have even made a little schedule for myself with chores that need to be done [I'll share what that's like later on though].

Anyhow. That's my Friday and stuff. I hope you all have a delightful weekend! I am looking forward to seeing a little more of the hubs, hopefully!


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Susannah said...

EEEkkk!!! Parenthood!!! I LOVE that show!!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! :-)