Thursday, September 5, 2013

Moving Card

Since we moved I have wanted to send out a little change of address card to our family and close friends. I looked around the internet and found some pretty adorable and wonderful cards. However, they cost a pretty penny and we are on a very tight budget. No room for luxuries such as moving cards. So I did the next best thing and tried to make one of my own up. I used a new software [to me] from My Memories Suite to make it up. The card isn't as cute as some of the others I've seen floating around the internet, but it was free to make and will only cost a little to send out, if I ever get around to sending them :) Maybe with time I will figure out how to use this software better, but I like what I did for now.

If only we really did live on Lollypop Lane. It sounds like such a delightful street. I picture trees made of lollypops and gummy bears prancing in the grass... 

But yes. We have moved to our new home sweet home. 

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