Thursday, September 19, 2013

the library

One of my favorite places to visit is the library. Seeing as how I love books and reading it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Anyhow, I just love visiting libraries. They are so peaceful, so quiet, so full of knowledge. Pretty much anything you could want can be found at the library. 

A few years ago I shared about visiting the library while we were temporarily living in the Washington D.C. area. It wasn't a rainbows and butterflies type of experience. All that to say, libraries play a large role in my life. I love that they are full of books that you can borrow. I love that you don't have to pay. I love books. There is something about being in a library that instantly makes me feel smarter. 

The library in the town we just moved from was super nice. They had a great children's area, it was cozy, it gave warm fuzzy feelings, and the lay out in general was lovely. I was a frequent visitor. Then we moved. I wasn't scared that I wouldn't find a library; each town usually has a little library. I was just sad because I didn't think the new library would be as nice as our old one was. 

Um. Yeah. It's nice alright. It's five times as big as our old library. Two stories. Rows upon rows of books. They even practically have a movie rental section. Crazy. To say I was overwhelmed when I first walked into the library might be a little bit of an understatement. This place is like a palace of books.

I thought I would just go in browse a little bit and then be done. So I grabbed my bag and baby and off we went. Shortly after entering the library I realized that it would be tricky to see everything I wanted to see with a babe on my hip. I tried to make it a quick visit, but that just didn't happen. There was too much to see. So I walked around with one arm heavy with a baby, another arm weighed down with my bag, and one hand full of books. I was struggling. Lesson learned, next time I will take the stroller.  

Thankfully this library lady was much nicer than the one in D.C. she let me have a card that day and excitedly showed me all the things the library has to offer. She did her job well. I tell you what, if she had told me to come back a different day and that I could get the books I had carried lugged around the library I would have been pretty cranky. I'm just glad it didn't come to that. I got to take my books home.

One thing I am excited about is that this library has a story time for babies. Perfect, right? Gosh, I was so excited when I saw they had this. But when story time rolled around and I had two babies to wrangle into the car and then into the library, I realized it just wasn't happening. These babies thrive on routine and they were not okay with a trip out and about. Maybe in a few months when the little baby I watch is older we will finally be able to make it out of the house. Or, maybe not. Either way, we have a super nice library to visit.

It's not the quaint, cozy, small little library I am used to. But as long as they have books it doesn't matter a bit. What about you? Do you love libraries? Are they your BFF? Have you had good/bad experiences with libraries?


Rachel Lynn said...

Sister of my heart! I love my library!!!! Well, it's ok. We have one on our base here that's linked with the city system (not normal for base libraries) so I can request anything I want and just run across the street from work to grab it. No searching for the nearest one in the city.

Even so, I have always loved libraries. So much so that the front of my house literally is one.

My Wholesome Home

Renee Bursey said...

Woww, that looks pretty impressive. I love reading but I find it's something I rarely do, and I'm not sure why. Seeing this, though, makes me want to run right home and grab a book and a blanket!

Susannah said...

I'm so glad the library is so nice! When I nannied, the library near the girls' house was my saving grace!