Monday, September 30, 2013

the story of us: part 3

A while back I started sharing the story of how my hubs and I met. I have had great intentions of finishing this story but have never gotten around to it. So, I thought this would be an appropriate week to finish that story and to hopefully share some tidbits from our engagement and wedding seeing as how this Friday we will be celebrating our fifth (!!) wedding anniversary. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here of our story if you want to catch up.


After the Cousin, Girlfriend, Landon, and the few other friends left my sister's house that night Sister couldn't wouldn't stop talking about how awesome and cute Landon was (for me of course). I brushed her off and tried to be all cool about it. Yeah, I thought he was really nice, he seemed like a really good Christian guy (I mean, he and his friends had just told a story in which a girl was hotly pursuing him one night. She went into the room all the friends were in, climbed on top of him, and tried to kiss him. But instead of kissing him she ended up giving a big ol' smooch to his Bible that he whipped out from beside him and used to block his face with. Who does that?!), and let's be honest; he was hot. But, I lived in Idaho and he lived in Kentucky. Let's be practical here. What guy (or girl for that matter) wants to be in a long distance relationship? Especially with a girl you just met and hardly know at all? Um. None?

just playing some cards. obviously I'm not at all happy to be there, sitting next to him. 

A few nights later Sister, her Hubs, and I were invited to a New Year's Eve Party that Girlfriend was throwing. She made sure to mention that Landon was going to be there, and we pretty much had to come. So we went. It was a nice little party, nothing crazy: card games, pool, snacks, and chatting. Somehow I ended up playing cards with Landon, Sister, and his best friend. Funny how out of all the people there we ended up playing cards together (maybe he kinda liked me too?!). Apparently people were still scheming... Before we left that night Landon and I said good-bye (Sister made sure that we didn't leave without saying bye to him first) he asked me if I had Facebook (it was still new back in those days and only for college students... remember those good ol' days?) and said he would find and friend me. And that was that. I was going back to Idaho in a week or so and he was staying in Kentucky. I wasn't going to get my hopes up for this guy that I would probably never see again.

the first picture of us taken together, oh how young we were...  

Like I mentioned here Sister and her hubs set me up on several dates while I was visiting them. These guys kept calling to see if I would please do something with them (though I did get a free ski trip out of the whole thing for me and my brother -but that's a whole other story), I didn't want to. I really wasn't interested in those guys. The only one I thought was nice enough liked was Landon, and I did not expect him to call me. Ever.

But one night, while Sister and I were hanging out in the kitchen the phone rang. Sister thrust the phone in my face and mouthed, "It's him! It's Landon!" and started to dance and dance all around me (keep in mind she is six months pregnant at this point...). Obviously I was pretty super incredibly happy ecstatic that it was Landon on the other end of the phone. But of course I had to maintain my composure and not be a stupid giddy girl while I was talking to him. This was nearly impossible to do because: 1. Sister refused to leave me alone and continued dancing in circles around me following me through the house as I tried to escape from her and 2. I was super excited that he had called me.

I liked this boy. 

He asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him. Um. Yes, please! I said as cooly as possible given the circumstances. We planned for him to come pick me up the next afternoon and have lunch. The Cousin and Girlfriend were going to tag along, to help it be a little less awkward. The next day the four of us enjoyed a really nice lunch and afterwards we went our separate ways. Landon took me back to Sister's and I thought that would be then end of it.

It wasn't (obviously), but I'll save that for tomorrow.

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