Monday, September 2, 2013

Visiting Churches and (another) Fire

Since moving we have visited two different churches. We like both of them pretty well, however the first church we visited the pastor wasn't there so we weren't able to hear him speak. We decided to go back so we could get a better picture of what going to church there on a regular basis would look like. So Sunday morning we go to church and dropped Emerson off in the nursery. It's not the easiest thing to do, but each time it gets a little bit easier. Afterwards we found a good spot in the back row of the church, you know, just in case I needed to get Emerson for some reason. 

The service started, there was one song, a few announcements, and then one of the pastors started speaking. About three minutes into his sermon the fire alarm went off. The bright lights were flashing and the ear piercing scream of the alarm started sounding. 

No one moved. 

My mind was going wild, Emerson. I need to get Emerson... 

The pastor stopped speaking, looked at everyone and said, "I guess that means we need to leave? Should we leave?" It was as though he, nor anyone else knew what to do. 

What?!!? Yes of course you leave! That is a fire alarm! It doesn't just go off for the fun of it! Don't you remember the fire drills from school?! Don't you know that any time that alarm goes off you leave the building as soon as possible?! 

I wasn't about to wait for permission to leave. I stood up and walked bolted right out of the sanctuary doors and headed straight for the nursery. As soon as I walked into the nursery I wanted to cry. They had almost all of the babies in a crib and were starting to roll it out of the room. They were all crying screaming. Faces red. Fat tears running down their cheeks. Terrified looks on their faces. And I saw Emerson. He was the only baby laying down in the crib - I'm pretty sure he was taking a peaceful little nap when the madness started. They just threw piled placed all of the babies around him. Oh, his little face. So scared. I was about to loose it. I needed my baby! I told the nursery ladies I needed my baby and they let me get him from the crib. 

With Emerson safe in my arms we darted out of the church. Landon ran back inside to grab the diaper bag and then we waited outside. My heart still pounding. It had started the moment the alarm started and didn't stop until an hour or so later. 

The vision of the screaming babies in the crib would not leave my mind. Oh, it was awful. Though, I'm thankful the nursery workers had the sense to load the babies into the crib and were on their way out. 

So scary. 

 the church... I'm not sure if I'm up for going back anytime soon. 

 the fire truck that seemed to take forever to arrive.

and the people waiting outside. We did not. 

Just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster. 

We didn't stay for long. We knew that the firefighters would have to inspect the whole building and that would take a while so we just left and went out with Landon's parents who were in town visiting us. 

That's probably the most terrifying church experience I've had. 

So, that makes three encounters with the fire department since we moved here four weeks ago. Remember the little smoke scare in our house I told you about? And there was another one, but I'll save that for another day. 

We're not sure what happened. We did smell smoke at the church though. I'm curious to find out what it was. 


Silver Lining Decor said...

omg that is terrifying!! I can't imagine how you felt in that nursery, makes me want to cry just reading about it. Glad everyone was okay, though.

Laura Darling said...

Wow that is so scary!! I am glad everything was okay!

Susannah said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds terrifying. I'm glad everything was ok but I think I'd have a hard time going back to that church too...