Friday, October 4, 2013

five on friday ... happy anniversary

Today marks five years of marriage for me and my hubs. It is hard to believe that it has been five years since we got married. We have had so many fun adventures together and I cannot wait to see where the next five plus seventy years take us. So for today I'm sharing five things about us/our wedding.

one. This is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of us. You bring so much joy into my life, I don't know what I would do without you.

two. I love that we were able to share our day with so many friends and family. 

three. I love that we got married in the Fall. It truly was the perfect Fall day.

four. Our cake was seriously one of the best cakes I've ever eaten. I'm still a little sad that I didn't get to sit down during our reception to properly enjoy a big piece of it.

Here's a little story about our cake: We ordered our cake well in advance, paid the deposit, gave directions and an address of the church where it was to be delivered, as well as the time we wanted it there by - 11:30. Our wedding didn't start until 2 and the reception wasn't going to start until around 3. Getting the cake in the first place was a big deal, I thought it was ridiculous to spend so much money on a cake. But in the end we decided it would be our second big splurge (the first being the photographer, who was still really cheap all things considered...). The week of the wedding I called the bakery to confirm our cake, the date, time, and address it was to be delivered at.

Saturday rolls around and minutes (and I do mean minutes) before we were getting ready to walk down the isle I noticed Landon was acting really strange. Naturally I asked what was wrong and why he was being all weird. He said he didn't want to tell me. Tell me!! So he did: the cake hadn't arrived yet. Naturally I said, "Eh... oh well, right?" and we proceeded to get married (that was the only thing I really cared about that day. I really didn't care about the cake). After the wedding the cake still hadn't arrived. An hour and a half into the reception and the cake still wasn't there. What the crap. I wanted some cake. People were leaving and we had a huge cake coming. Finally the cake guy gets there. Brings the cake in, not at all apologetic that he is late. Apparently the ladies helping in the kitchen chewed him out big time and told him he had ruined "that poor girl's day," and apparently he was just like, "I don't give a flip."

The cake was delicious, what little I did eat, and we had a lot left over. While on our honeymoon my new mother-in-law called and talked to the owner (who was the delivery guy, know no but me knew that the day of the wedding) and really gave it to him. Like, really really. In the end we got a free wedding cake out of the whole deal, so, not too shabby, right?

five. I love that I get to spend my life adventuring with my best friend, these past five years have been some of the best ones, I know that the years to come can only be better. Thank you for making me your bride.

*All photos were taken by our amazing photographer Jen who now lives in Nashville and runs a successful photography business with her husband. If you live in the Nashville area you really should check out Jen and Chris Creed, they are amazing!

That's my five for today. Happy weekend!



Elise @ cheers yall said...

yay!! just found you on the linkup. so glad to start following your blog!

this post is precious. weddings + fall = perfection. happy 5 year anny!!!! we are just over 1 year in over here. you are a beautiful bride!!!'re right...that cake is amazing! so perfect for the season!!!


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Aw happy anniversary! You made such a gorgeous bride!

Silver Lining Decor said...

Yay! Happy 5 years!

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride...and you guys are so cute together!

Susannah said...

Happy anniversary, dear girl!!! I hope you two had an amazing time celebrating your day!!! :-)