Tuesday, October 8, 2013

new girl

One thing I have really been missing since we moved to Illinois are the friendships I left behind. We were so blessed and had wonderful friends and a great small group. Meeting each week for fellowship was one of the highlights of my week. Since we have moved, I really haven't had very much fellowship. Sure, we've been to church, but we don't know any one at the churches we've gone to. It's been really hard and makes for a lonely week. I don't have friends I can just go visit with for a while any more. Really the only person I see is Landon, and while I love him, seeing only him is just not filling that little void in my life right now for friendship.

So after visiting a handful of churches we decided to just go ahead and pick one. We decided on a church close to home; not the church where the fire alarm went off or the church we went to and the nursery was full so I stood outside in the foyer with Emerson the whole time (which apparently having a full nursery is a weekly thing). The church we are going to now doesn't have small groups like what we are used to, which makes me a little sad. I enjoyed spending time with Landon as a couple and with the other couples that made our group. This church is really big on men's and women's Bible studies, within those studies they split off into smaller groups. Different, yes. But I decided to be brave and get involved with the women's Bible study.

I went to the first week and tried to decide if it was what I wanted to do, if it was for me. Childcare is provided, which is a blessing as Landon is not always home to watch Emerson, so I didn't have to worry about finding a sitter for E. But after the first meeting I picked E up from the nursery and he was so tired and so cranky and just wanted to be in bed. I can't blame him, he was in a strange place with strange people, not his cozy bed. As I drove to pick Landon up from campus that night I just kept thinking, "This won't work. I can't join this study."

The next week I didn't return.

But during the days that followed my initial visit to the Bible Study and deciding I wasn't going to join this fall, the thought "why not?" kept poking around in my head. "Why won't you go to Bible Study? Why won't you take an hour and a half a week to spend in fellowship with other believers? Why? What's your excuse? Emerson? Landon? Your ever so 'busy' life?"And I knew that these thoughts were from the Lord. Satan was trying to convince me to stay at home, that now wasn't the right time to participate in a Bible Study, and that this study was the wrong one for me.

So one afternoon I took the plunge, wrote the lady in charge of the study and asked if I could join this fall. Of course she was super nice and responded immediately, welcoming me in. Wednesday evening I  made sure to get to church on time and I spent the next hour and a half in fellowship with other ladies. Not that I talked a lot... if at all, but still, it's a start. It's where I know I need to be.

One good thing about this study so far? It has me spending more time in the Word daily, is challenging me, and is making me think on things I wouldn't otherwise be thinking about. I'm not exactly sure where this study will lead, but I am glad I am going even though I am the new girl  in town and don't know a soul at this church.

God's plans are always bigger and better than ours, right?


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

It is really hard to be the new girl! But good for you putting yourself out there! Hopefully it will all go well!

Elise @ cheers yall said...

yes girlie! He is always looking out for us! romans 8:28 all the way. my hubs and i have just relocated and are currently visiting other churches too. it's hard since we love and adore our church back in charlotte so much! i know what you mean!!


Mrs. Pedersen said...

We joined our church back in the spring, and I still feel like the new kid on the block. It's been difficult, but at the same time, I feel like it's been a good "growing" experience. If that makes since?! :)