Friday, November 8, 2013

five on friday ... this and that

Friday is just a good day. Even though most of my days are exactly the same, there is something exciting about Friday. Anyhow, here are five things for this Friday...

one.  I have been having some great quiet times as of late, and it makes all the difference. I have missed spending quality time in the Word and prayer. While they are still a far cry from what they once were, I know God is using the time I do have to teach and renew me. I think it helps that I make it a point to sit down and have a quiet time towards the beginning of my day instead of put it off until I'm about to fall asleep at night. Sometimes I manage to wake up before Emerson and sometimes the babies cooperate and give me a few precious moments of peace and quite so the Lord gave give me the joy and strength I need to get through the day. Thank you Jesus and thank you babies.

two. I have always loved writing, one of the main reasons for this here lil' ol' blog. But creative writing has always been something I enjoyed and haven't been doing a whole lot of lately. One of my biggest goals in life is to become a published author. So I have decided to do something about that and do my best to make that dream a reality. I started writing a novel. Yikes! It's exciting and terrifying at the same time. Mostly exciting. I know my characters and the storyline and have direction for this story. I love when I get a few spare moments to sit down and write. It's NaNoWriMo this month and that is what spurred me on.

three. It's November and Thanksgiving is weeks away. I love Thanksgiving. The hubs and I have made a tradition of going up to visit one of my sisters in Minnesota for Thanksgiving. There is something so special about visiting her and her family for this holiday, I love it and can't wait to go see her! And I'm a little excited that this year we only have to drive 8 hours instead of the usual 12. 

and this is from two years ago, apparently I didn't take any pictures of our visit last year... 
woops. hopefully I do better this year! 

four. I have been working on an exciting little project recently that I am hoping will become something a little more than just a project. I'm making place mats, Christmas ones right now. When I get a few more finished I'll share them with you all. I am super excited about them and hope they turn out like I see them in my head (sometimes things don't...).

five. This boy. He makes my heart happy. And last night he slept through the night. He has done it a few times in the past, but I was one happy momma when I woke up this morning and realized he slept through the night. Thank you Jesus and thank you Gooseberry! Maybe it's a new habit? can hope, right? :)

Happy Friday and weekend you all! I hope it is a blessed one!

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Lauren said...

he's so precious! love his little grin!

And I can't wait to see your placemats, I'm sure they are going to look fabulous!