Thursday, November 21, 2013

happy 10 months Emerson!

I cannot believe Emerson is ten months old today! I feel like we were just driving to the hospital in anticipation of his birth and now here he is, army crawling, pulling up on furniture everything, and chatting up a storm. My little baby boy is growing up so fast. *sniff. So I'm just going to share what this little guy is up to these days as I have done for the past nine months before I start the waterworks.


You are one busy boy, my dear. You are rarely ever still and if you are it is probably because you are sleepy. There is just so much for you to see and do, and I must say, I love watching you explore the world around you.

You are still army crawling like crazy. But man, you are one fast little guy. We have to make sure to keep an eye on you and all of the doors/gates closed just to keep you in a safe spot. You love it when I chase you. You'll decide you want to go somewhere (like the window to pull on the blinds or the baby gate or an outlet - that is covered with safety plugs) and dart off. Then you will turn your head to see if I'm going to just watch you or chase you. Most the time I chase you because it makes you squeal in delight and it's just too cute not to.

I know it's a little blurry, but with his speed and my s-l-o-w camera it's the best I've got :) I'm really hoping I get a DSLR camera for Christmas so I can get some better pictures of you! 

One of your favorite places to go to is the bathroom. While I'm getting ready in the morning you will push the door open as far as it can go, look up at me, grin, and then laugh your little laugh like you just did the best thing in the world. Then you "crawl" over to the places I don't want you to go (i.e. the trash can and the toilet). But, I just scoop you up, plop you on your bedroom floor and we repeat the whole process for as long as it takes me to get ready - which is significantly longer since I am continually having to stop and redirect you.

You love nap time and you let me know when you are sleepy. We read a few books together and then I lay you down. You usually nap anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour in the morning and in the afternoon you usually nap anywhere from an hour to two and a half hours. Though, some days those naps are shorter. I really don't mind just so long as you wake up happy, which you typically do.

Bath time is still a favorite for you. You get so excited when I undress you and turn the bath water on. Even though your baths are fairly short, you love to kick, splash, chew on your rubber duck, and suck the water out of the washcloths (which drives me nuts, but it makes you happy so... )

You love to help with laundry. You follow me into the laundry room, help me load and unload the clothes from the dryer and even help me put your clothes away. Lets hope you are always this eager to help me clean :)

You officially have five little teeth! They are the cutest little things, but I can never get a picture of them. My camera is too slow for you these days. You haven't really bitten me (or anyone else for that matter) yet, but you do like to bite my shirts and pull them with your teeth.

Pulling up on things is so much fun for you. You will pull up on anything and everything you possibly can: the bookshelf, bathtub, couch, your rocker, the kitchen chairs... anything. You can even move yourself from one side of the chair to the other. You especially like to pull yourself up on your bookshelf and pull everything off of it. Though there are a lot of books on your self, you like to get them a few at a time. Sometimes it seems like you know exactly which book you want, go over to the bookshelf, look at the books, and then you pick the one you want and sit down with it.

Speaking of books... you love them. You pay more attention now when we read together and really study the pictures, you also turn the pages when we read. I love watching your tiny little hand reach out and turn the pages. You still like to "eat" the books, but you are interested in more than just that now, which I love. One of your favorite things to do is to look through your books, you lay on the floor and hold the book up to read. So cute! I hope you always love books as much as you do now and as much as I do!

Meal time is becoming more exciting every day. You love eating and feeding yourself. Your favorites are sweet potato, peas, carrots, Lil' Crunchies, and Mum Mums. You also really like yogurt and cheese. You still eat a few purees throughout the day, but are mostly feeding yourself. I am continually trying to introduce new foods into your diet, but I know there are a lot of foods you have yet to try. I want to give you some of what we eat, but am still apprehensive about doing that. And also, I just don't feel like what we eat is good enough (read: healthy enough) for you. I know the day is coming when you will be eating everything we are, but that day is not yet.

You are still nursing, about four times a day. Though we will be weaning you from the mid-morning nursing time so you will be down to three times by the end of this week. 

Most nights you wake up about once to nurse, sometimes it's twice, and sometimes you sleep through the night. I know you can sleep through the night (you have done it numerous times), but when you wake up in the night I automatically get up and go into your room. Perhaps it's time to stop? I'm not sure though, so if you wake I usually feed you. Although, I have gone and just held and rocked you a few times and that seems to do the trick. So, I really don't think you need to nurse in the middle of the night any more, I think it's more for comfort and because you are so used to it.

I truly love being able to spend my days with you. I love playing, cuddling, tickling and kissing on your tummy, reading, chasing, and plain old just sitting with you. You make my heart melt all day long. I really can't believe that in two short months we will be celebrating one whole year of you! Where has time gone?! I enjoy you each and every day and cherish each moment because I know the days of you wanting me more than anything or one else are fleeting.

I love you to the stars and beyond, little Gooseberry of mine.



Rachel Lynn said...

What a sweet post! I hope he appreciates all our thoughts when he gets older :)

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Lauren said...

so precious! he's growing so fast!