Wednesday, November 20, 2013

keeping up with the dirty laundry, among other things. a little schedule.

Why is it that as soon as you finish one chore, say the laundry, it's time to do that same chore all over again. ...maybe it's because it takes me about a week to get the laundry done. I have no problem washing and drying the clothes, and most of the time I even manage to get the majority of the clothes folded, but putting them away... Well, that part just doesn't happen around these parts (unless it's Emerson's clothes and those get put away the same day cause lets face it, folding tiny baby clothes is one of the best things ever, and he will just unfold them all right away if I don't put them in their proper home).

Then there are other things, like dishes that are truly never ending. Sometimes I wish I had a fairy so she could wave her sparkly little wand and the kitchen would be shiny and clean. But I suppose that's just not how it works. Shame really. 

To help me with the never ending chores I have to keep up with I have made a little schedule to help: 

Monday - make the bed. (i.e. change the sheets)
Tuesday - laundry day (on which I try to do everything, including putting the clothes away)
Wednesday - dust (which I loathe so it rarely ever happens, but I like to list it just the same)
Thursday - grocery shopping 
Friday - tub day (clean the bathrooms)
Saturday - floors (sweep, mop, and vacuum)
Everyday - clean the kitchen and pick up the living room

I really try to make all of these things happen, but sometimes the day passes and the chore doesn't get done. That's life though, right? :) 

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to chores? 


Jess Norden said...

I have been struggling with a schedule for awhile...I can't decide if I like doing laundry throughout the week or all on one day! Either way, I end up with a dry load that gets winkled because I didn't fold it and a load in the washer for just a little too long! Haha

I always wipe down the bathroom while Cam is taking a makes me feel productive, even if I get nothing else done! And, this way, I always have one room that's clean. :)

Rachel Lynn said...

I don't have a schedule at all. I work full time so I try and do my dishes and laundry daily so there isn't much of it. I do have several sweet schedules pinned that I might use eventually, if you wanna take a look.

Good luck with keeping your schedule!
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Rachel said...

I know I'm a "morning" person, much more energetic in the morning than at night, so as much as possible I start chores right when I wake up because I know that by the time it's evening, I won't feel like being useful! But seriously, the dishes are never ending!

Susannah said...

What a great idea to make yourself a schedule! Laundry isn't my issue - mine is vaccuming. I don't know why but something about vaccuming just erks me!

Lauren said...

A schedule is definitely a good thing. We try and cleanup some of the clutter every morning before we go to work and also every night before we go to bed. We do laundry over the weekend, together...and to be honest, I made Hubby budget in a housecleaner 2x a month so I just have to do some simple cleaning!