Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Craft

When it comes to the holidays I like to try and do a little craft with my little Gooseberry and the baby girl. For Halloween we made cute little ghosts and M's mama loved it! I still have Emerson's hanging on the fridge.

I was naturally very excited about Thanksgiving so I could make little turkeys with my baby and the baby girl. This morning we did just that. I love this little turkey because it is so simple and you get a hand and foot print! 

I just used some scrapbook paper I already had, cut it in half (one half for each babe) and folded it in half to make a card, and an ink pad I had with my craft stuff. I only had to buy a brown ink pad for this little craft. Not too shabby. 

If you should try this little craft out, just make sure you have a very firm grip on baby's foot/hand and plenty of wipes so you can quickly wipe the ink off before baby decides to eat the inked hand or foot or  pat their tummy or rub their eye or ... you get the idea. Just make sure to have everything within hands reach so you don't create a bigger mess than necessary :) 

Happy Turkey Week! 


Lauren said...

Awe these look great - so creative & fun!!

Susannah said...

You're so creative, girl!!! This is great! :-)