Monday, December 2, 2013

A Happy Turkey Day

Our Thanksgiving holiday was spent at my sister's house up in Minnesota. We left on Tuesday afternoon and drove the seven turned eight and a half hour drive with a baby in hopes that Emerson would sleep most of the way. And he did. Thank you, Jesus. Our trip up was pretty smooth going and we were both so thankful for that. We made two stops, one for dinner and the other a few hours later so E could nurse and we could fill up on gas. 

this picture just makes me smile. 

 my baby is getting so big! 

Wednesday we hung out around the house with my sister and her kids. It was pretty chill and E loved seeing big kids and having new people and toys to play with. They kept discovering baby toys and books that they no longer needed and giving them to E. He had a lot to keep him busy, that's for sure! 

Thursday morning I woke up and ran the Turkey Trot with my sister and two of her kids. The Turkey Trot is a 5k. So, it's not too bad, but I hadn't run that much in about a month or so, so yeah... But I decided to go for it. It would make a good memory and get my booty out in the cold. Speaking of cold, it was 10 degrees when we ran. And it was snowing when we started. Freezing. 

But I ran and survived and now have found memories of running in the Turkey Trot with my sister. Plus, I got to wear some of her really sweet, awesome, and warm running clothes. I'm pretty sure it was the clothes that made me run.

 The rest of the day was spent getting the Thanksgiving meal ready with my sister and helping her youngest clear off and set the "Thanksgiving Table". It is named the Thanksgiving Table because that is the one day of the year they eat a meal there. ha. I love it. It was so cute hearing my nephew talking about the Thanksgiving Table... cutie. 

I loved spending Thanksgiving with this adorable little turkey butt :)

Even Boady got some of the good fixings ... he knows where to hang out in the kitchen. 

And then, came Black Friday shopping time. oh. my. dear. Every year my sister and I go shopping and we have tried several different shopping times. This year we left around nine to go shop (since you know, the stores opened at 6 pm on Thursday!). The only reason I agreed to shop at this horrific hour was because I know Emerson can go through the night without nursing and I had forgotten to bring my pump. So I knew I had to be back to nurse him around 6 in the morning and my sister didn't want to wait that long to shop. And I couldn't leave before I fed him, so nine-ish at night it was. I look forward to next year when we can hopefully go at a "reasonable" hour :)

As crazy as it may have been, and as tired as I was (cause the night before I got about three hours of sleep... little mister E would not sleep! He kept waking up and crying and it was just horrible), shopping with my sister is always fun and something I look forward to and enjoy each year. I know I wouldn't go without her, so it's a fun thing we do together.

And since we were under an hour away from the Twin Cities, we did all our shopping at the Mall of America. Of course. 
Apparently my sister has the magic touch because just about every time she held E he fell asleep in her arms. He was just so worn out he couldn't stay awake to play any longer. Lil' turkey.

Our doggies finally got along. Last year, it was not so much. They had to take turns being out of their kennels. Thankfully this year they became buddies and were able to co-habitate.

It was pretty tricky getting a decent picture of the little cousins together, but we got one. They are just all so squirmy!

We always enjoy visiting my sister and her family so much at Thanksgiving. It has become our little tradition and we enjoy the few short days we are able to share together.

And I just had to share this little picture of the frozen Mississippi River. Yikes! It was cold!

I hope you all had very happy Thanksgivings! Now on to Christmas!


Lauren said...

You're so much braver than me! It was 27 here on Thanksgiving morning and I chickened out of our Turkey Trot--of course I used the excuse that Elyse shouldn't be out in it!

Looks like a great holiday getaway!

Heather Leigh @ Like a Morning cup of coffee said...

It looks like you had an amazing holiday :)))) Oh my goodness he is just darling! I love the turkey Jammies :)

Susannah said...

Wow, girl, sounds like a great Thanksgiving weekend! I'm glad you got to enjoy time with family!