Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas ornaments

Growing up we would always get a new ornament for Christmas. Sometimes we would even make one (or five) to decorate our tree with. My mom saved all of these ornaments in boxes for us. Every Christmas we each had our own box with these ornaments in it and we would decorate the tree with our ornaments. It was a very big deal, especially as a seven year old to have your own box of ornaments. When I graduated from high school and moved away from home my mom gave me my box of ornaments. They were mine to use on my future Christmas trees. With every move I have made over the years I have toted this box around with me. I love pulling out each ornament and hanging in on the tree. Or not, some I just admire and smile at as I look at my handiwork from years gone by... I don't necessarily want all of my childhood crafts of poorly cut reindeer on the tree. But I have them and love them just the same.

So when Christmas came around this year I just figured I would start this tradition with Emerson as well. In every store we have been in I have looked for the perfect first ornament for him. Lots of stores, hundreds of ornaments, no luck. Until the other day when E and I were out getting a few last gifts. I found a few ornaments that I loved and thought would be perfect for his first Christmas. I laid them on the floor and sat down with E to look at them and asked him which one he liked the best. Obviously we got the one he choose. It was light blue and white jingle bells. He loved it and we walked around the store while he clutched his new treasure tightly in his tiny pudgy fist.

Then not minutes later I saw another one, and I couldn't resist. Usually I don't get half of the things I pick up in the store (saves a lot of money when you shop that way :), but not this day. This ornament was so fitting for him and I was excited to find the ornament I had been looking for even though I didn't know what it was (you know: you go shopping for that 'something' you don't know what it is, but you know the moment you see it that it is exactly what you were looking for).

Anyhow, I'm pretty excited to have two little ornaments for E. I know he loves the one and I think he will enjoy the other just as much one when he is older. 

Did you get a new ornament each Christmas? Do you get new ones each year? Are your decorations usually the same or do you like to mix it up? Do tell!


Heather Leigh @ Like a Morning cup of coffee said...

aww so so cute!!! :)

kelseylynae said...

We had the same tradition! Only we would get to go shopping and pick ours out the day AFTER Christmas. We used to think this was some cool tradition my mom invented, and then we realized it was because Hallmark ornaments are expensive but they are 50% off after Christmas ;)

However, when I was a freshman in high school our garage and shed caught on fire and nearly our house! Luckily we got our vehicles out, our house survived [minus some broken windows and peeled siding from the heat! It was moments away from catching!] and our loss was minimal. However, our Christmas ornaments were all in the garage attic :( It was very sad. We dug through the ashes and miraculously some of them were still in tact! Kali and I both still have our first Christmas ornament, plus maybe 5-7 others from those years. None of the handmade stuff survived though. I'm so thankful though each year when I get to put the few very special ones that did make it up on the tree!

What a fun tradition! I too have enjoyed picking them out for Blythe…and the one for Emerson is PERFECT :)